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Is there an alternative for apple juice doing the liver flush and or can I do the flush without the apple juice because I have an ulcer and the juice gives me lots of pain.

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Supplements   by Treacle   11 year

You can try Malic acid supplements
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if you have an ulcer   by jaymz   14 year

the last thing you want to do is drink oil
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Apple juice is not crucial for a liver flush.   by #22   14 year

You don't necessarily need Apple juice during a liver flush.

Oil is the most important.
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There are many ways to do the liver flush   by curedbycurezone   14 year

If you search the internet carefully, you will see that there are many different recipes for liver or gallbladder flush (same thing). One that I tried was eating only apples for three days and then on the evening of the third day drinking a half a cup of olive oil (little by little). Then you put a castor oil pack across the liver area for one hour and go to sleep. Next day start with some citrus fruits and afterwards eat normally. The "flush" will start soon, as a diarrhea consisting mostly of bile.

But there are many other recipes, even on this forum if you do a search for liver or gallbladder flush. One uses only lemon, the other only grapefruit, and I have even heard of a flush that requires that you eat only grapes for five days. So pick the one you like the best and give it a try.
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