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Is it safe to complete this cleanse when you are experiencing extreme Acid Reflux symptoms? I am currently on Prevacid 2x/day as well as OTC Antacids. I'm only on the 2nd day of Prevacid but still have laryngeal pain and coughing from the acid reflux. I will definately wait for the symptoms to subside before I try the cleanse, but I'm concerned that the Epsom Salts and the grapefruit juice could aggravate the acid condition again? Can anyone help with this?

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Why not with vegetable juices???   by IvanDrvaric   12 year

Why dont you make gastro-intestinal cleansing with vegetable juices. And do 4 day diet ( it is not fast because vegetable juices although they provide cleansing effect they have high
nutrient value in mikroelements that are essential for detox and alkalizing the body ): I would suggest you
juices on mix of vegetable like
1) cabbage and carrot for stomach ( one day )
2) spinach, celery, carrot another day
3) spinach, celery, parsley ( green part ) and pine apple

You will soon solve the problem with acid reflux probably in few days. At first ( after first day ) you may feel it acid because of the excretion of acid from the body...
Than you should stabilize an after fourth day you would feel another secoond stage of the side effects of the detoxification. But as we talked this is better to preserve for the second try ( at least 14 days between two
vegetable juice 100% diet ).
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