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Need extensive information regarding magnetic therapy and its benefits. Has anyone heard of Vibe machine?

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Have heard of VIBE Machine   by vibr8   17 year 0 of 1 (0%)

Not certain how the VIBE Machine relates to Magnetic Therapy though.

The VIBE Machine has been a real blessing in my life. I don't know how to explain the precise mechanism whereby it works, but I can tell you that after many years of excruciating knee pain that was helped only temporarily with interventions such as Acupuncture, I have no more knee pain in the 2 years that I've been doing VIBE treatments. The treatments are short: 30 seconds - 10 minutes, depending on your diagnosis and your state of health. As far as actual purchase goes, the machine is not cheap. The treatments, however, are remarkably affordable--ranging from $5 to $20 depending on which practitioner you choose. Some accept payment on a flexible donation basis. It is important that I clearly state here that I am a VIBE Practitioner and therefore cannot promote my own business on Curezone. I take the Curezone rules very seriously. I'm happy to answer questions about my own experience with the VIBE Machine, but would tell people to go to their website, and the web url is in bold print at the top of this page, to get their general questions answered.

Certainly the VIBE Machine isn't the only bright new invention out there that gets the chi flowing and encourages optimum health, but it is certainly worth trying for help eliminating chronic pain, and for increasing energy, among other things.

Thank you for listening.
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My experience with magnets   by #53488   17 year 0 of 1 (0%)

Magnetic therapy has helped me. I have had very good success with niken magboys for sciatica (sp).. when mine started with the pain goning down the leg, i walked around all day rubbing the small of my back.. it relieved it. I always carry them and if i feel the slightest twinge of pain, i roll my back on the pain spot.
Also their palm mag is amazing. i lent mine out to an elderly man who was having pain in the back area, he justs lays down, turns it on, and the pain is gone in a short period of time.
When I start to have a sleep problem I pull out a small magnetic pad and will sleep on it for a while. It really heklps.
I do believe that magnetic use is very helpful. That is my opinion.
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