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Do magnetic therapy products really work? Does the pain really go away? I found this company that sells magnetic products and wondering if anyone has tried their products or heard of them?

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Magnotherapy Does Work   by Corbie22   12 year

Magnotherapy does work and the pain can go away As a back pain sufferer I started to use magnotherapy many years ago along with some other natural remedies. Since then I have never looked back and managed to get my career back on track. I can lead a very normal active life with no painkillers. To read my full story and other similar ones please visit

Good luck

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magnetic therapy on-line store   by magnotherapy   14 year

No, but try magnetic bracelets from magnetic therapy products store instead. According to the feedback - they are much better value for all  - if in the UK or outside of the UK. Good prices, large range of magnetic bangles, and all other magnetic therapy products one can think of. Customer feedback appers to be very good, and they also sell on eBay and Amazon.

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