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From: "R. Mathis Hurt" <>
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Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 10:01:57 -0500
Subject: [cancercure] Essiac Formula (CHEAP)

About Essiac -  now here is as full a rundown as I can give you.

Where to Get Essiac and How Cheap it Really Is

The cheapest price I have found for essiac formula is herb products company:

Herb Products Co, 11012 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA, 91601, Phone
(818) 761-0351 or (213) 877-3104, fax (818) 508-6567, Email Excellent low prices on bulk items.

You can buy a "passel" of the ingredients for 20 gallons of the tea for
less than 100 dollars, including resealable amber bottles you will need for
storage. You make the tea according to the formula on my web site:    (see the foods section)


20 parts burdock root,
4 parts slippery elm bark,
1 part turkish rhubarb root,
16 parts sheep sorrell,
1 part Blessed Thistle,
1 part Kelp,
1 part Red Clover,
1 part Watercress.

Formula: How to Make Essiac

I make it 2 gallons at at time. This is what I do:

I get the ingredients from herb products. All are packaged separately. You
can ask them for the "essiac" formula. If you don't, they will not tell you
about it because of FDA insanity.

Then I mix them together in a poly bag, and I divvy them up into a dozen
ziplock baggies containing one cup of mix per baggie. Then I put all the
baggies into a larger ziplock plastic bag, put that in a brown paper sack,
and store that in the freezer. I do not know if the freezer hurts the
herbs, but I imagine they keep fresher longer that way.

Then I make the formula of one cup of mix per 2 gallons of pure water. You
do this by putting the water in a stainless steel or enamel pot, adding the
cup of mix, bringing to a boil. Let sit 6 hours, then stir vigorously. Let
sit another 6 hours, bring to a boil, strain out the goop, and save it is
sterile bottles. You must keep it in a cool dark area. The caps on the
bottle have poly inserts to they make an airtight seal. Therefore, you do
not have to refrigerate until you open a bottle. I keep mine in the pantry
in the original box the bottles came in. When I finish a bottle, I rinse
well, run it throught the dishwasher with normal dishes, then cap it loosely
and put it back in the box in the pantry upside down so I know it is an
empty. Just before my final boiling when I am making a batch, I get out the
pressure cooker and sterilize all the bottles by steaming under pressure for
20 minutes. I NEVER put the lids in because the heat destroys the poly
inserts. Instead, I soak the lids in vinegar for an hour and just shake the
dew off them before capping the bottles. You can tell if you did the
sterilization and sealing right because if you did not, a bottle will go bad
and taste rancid after a while in storage.

Regarding the issue of straining the goop

Things get kind of sloppy when trying to strain out the goop. All the
ingredients are powdered or ground except the burdock root which is in small
chunks like a diced onion. So, after soaking and boiling, it becomes a
sloppy goop. One could argue that the goop is good for you, but I do not
find it very palatable, even though it does not really taste bad. Some
formulas encourage you not to throw it out, but to bottle it too, even if
you have to use a blender or food processor to remove the small chunks. I
have not done this. But if you do leave the goop in the liquid, I do not
imagine it will hurt you at all. That means you will be taking an elixir
that is very thick after you shake the bottle. It also means you will need
16 to 20 bottles when you make a batch.

I have found the easiest way to strain the goop out is to get a second pot,
pour the first into it through a moderately fine strainer, and toss out the
chunky goop. There will still be a massive amount of sediment because most
of the ingredients are powdered. Then, I let the pot sit for about ten
minutes. I use a big ladle to dip gently into the pot, and I pour it
through a funnel into the bottles. When I am way down at the end of the
fluid, I skim as much as I can and do not worry if I get some sludge in the
ladle. That is usually my 13th bottle, the one that goes in the
refrigerator. Then I pour the rest of the goop out.

I have tried straining through cheesecloth, but it is a nasty mess and takes
a long time. I have not tried no straining at all, just letting it sit
till it all settles. The reason is that the boiled mix has a sludgey
looking slag on top and it just doesn't look right to me.

I would appreciate it if any of you who make this formula give your comments
to me about different methods you use and how they worked.

How Much It Makes

Since I do not have cancer, I use only 2 ounces a day. A dozen baggies
makes a lot, and it lasts a long time, like this:

One cup of ingredients (a baggie) makes 2 gallons. The amber bottles hold
one pint, or 16 ounces. Therefore, one bottle lasts me 8 days. The two
gallon mix makes about 13 bottles because 3 or 4 pints are lost during the
straining and boiling process. So I store the 12 bottles and put whatever
is left in a jug in the refigerator. So one batch lasts me about 100 days.
The whole passel of 10 to 12 batches will last me 1000 days.

If you have a spouse, you should give him or her a dose a day too as a
cleanse, a preventative, and an immunity boost. I do this with my wife.
One passel will last 500 days, well over a year. If you have cancer, you
would take 4 ounces a day, so the passel would last you that long too.

How to Administer it.

Before ingesting the Essiac, shake the bottle vigorously. There will be
some sediment in it. It is suggested that you mix 2 ounces of Essiac tea
liquid with 2 ounces of pure distilled water, heat it, and sip it at least
1/2 hour before eating and 2 hours after eating ("between meals"). I take
mine every morning when I get up. Since I also make it for my wife, I put 4
oz in a measuring cup, add 4 oz pure water, nuke it in the microwave, divvy
it into two teacups, and sip. She likes it, and so do I. It has a robustly
earthy flavor. It is a soothing way to start the day, and a nice little way
to show love for my lifemate. It makes me glad to know that she will never
get cancer, even though it "runs in the family".

General Anti-viral Remedy

While I take Essiac regularly, I do not get sick with viral infections. No
colds or flu. When I stop taking it, I am more susceptible. Therefore, my
personal opinion is that Essiac prevents (or helps to prevent) viral
infections. Thus, if I DO get sick, I will immediately start taking Essiac
in the dose of an ounce every hour or two throughout the day with a teaspoon
of Cat's claw (which you can buy cheap by the pound from herb products
company). Also, several times during the day, I take 15 drops of Echinacea
under the tongue. An ear ache or sore throat disappears in one or two days
when I do this.

What it Does and How it Works

Here is what I got from the Minnesota Wellness directory comments on essiac:

The Essiac formula, when broken down, shows many of its parts to be
anti-tumor, anti-mutagenic (burdock root) and immune system enhancing. The
real benefits of Essiac are that it is a wonderful detoxifyer and
regenerates the liver and pancreas. An interesting side effect of the tea is
the reversal of type II diabetes.
R. Mathis Hurt