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Video Embedded Fasting and cleansing - NEW FASTING MOVIE.
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  • Re: Fasting and cleansing - NEW FAS... Wellboy  13 years ago  14,647  
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    Hey, Bernard, thanks for your thoughts on this.

    Although what you say is meant to be very critical, I do agree with a lot of it.

    I have a food problem, that's true. Luckily, I have discipline too, so I'm not overweight. But I am very greedy and will eat almost anything put in front of me. That is not good and was causing me big problems. The video was made in January of 09. Since then I have become a raw food vegan and am feeling much better for it.

    I didn't do The Master Cleanser to make a cute, funny video. Quite the reverse. I filmed myself on the Master-Cleanse as a way of keeping myself occupied during the cleanse and also for keeping me on track, making sure I saw it through to the end. Only afterwards, once it was over, did I really work on turning it into a film to help others.

    It wasn't intended as a major statement. I think it's possible for a movie to "be" without necessarily having a message or larger purpose behind it.

    The film is what it is: a movie about one guy's experiences on a cleanse, nothing more. (I guess you're right about that: it wasn't strictly a fast.)

    The reason I advise viewers to see a health professional at the end is because the movie was shown in festivals in America. And some people take what they see very literally. I didn't want diabetics embarking on the Master-Cleanse without advice, and some of them might, then, if they got sick, they'd blame my movie. Just because I do something, that doesn't mean it's good for everyone.

    My views about doctors coincide with yours. They know about disease, not health. I wish your book were available in English. I read a little French, but not enough to get through a whole book. I checked out your site, though - very nice.

    Again, thanks for writing. In spirit we are trying to achieve the same thing; you're just a little more advanced than I am, that's all. Good luck with your crusade. Please stay in touch. My website is:
  • Re: Fasting and cleansing - NEW FAS... Aletheia  13 years ago  14,373  
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    Molto divertente il video. Ma non sei affatto migliorato nell'aspetto. (nice video. But you didn't improve your complexion...)
  • Re: Fasting and cleansing - NEW FAST... #116981  13 years ago  14,243  


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    The best diet I've tried so far for losing weight fast is the Lemonade Diet/Master Cleanse! I lost 25 lbs OF BODY FAT on it! Beyonce, Jared Leto, and Robin Quivers are a few celebrities that have lost weight on it, too.,1787,2835
  • Re: Fasting and cleansing - NEW FAST... psycheopteryx  11 years ago  11,982  
  • Re: Fasting and cleansing - NEW FAST... #46844  10 years ago  12,044  


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    Really enjoyed your movie! I have a teenage daughter who has thought her mom was even more crazy than she had previously thought by doing this cleanse for 10 days. I'm on day 8. So sitting down with her watching this movie (thanks for making it funny!) was a great normalizer. I think she even had more respect for this process I'm going through and the sacrifice it takes to do it. So, thanks so much for being open and vulnerable in making it and best wishes to you!


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