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Long-term use of SSKI suppresses thyroid?
Forum: Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team  
  • Re: Long-term use of SSKI suppresses... grizz  6 years ago  2,597  


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    I think he lost credibility with this:
    "There are three “hazards” to using SSKI : staining, allergy, and a very small possibility of thyroid suppression with longer-term use of “too much”.

    Staining can be a big nuisance, but it’s not a health hazard. When SSKI is applied to skin, it can impart a faint to moderate orange-brown color, "

    SSKI is actually clear like water & does not stain. I also don't believe his statement of "too much." All excess Iodine not used by the body goes out in urine.

    I have been taking 800mg of SSKI for over a month for my lungs with zero problems,

  • Re: Long-term use of SSKI suppresses...  marcus2013  6 years ago  2,616  


    This is a reply to # 2,185,408
    These are great news, aren't it ?

    What I understand is that you have a very few chances of being one of those affected by long term use of SSKI . And even if you are one of those, if you discontinue SSKI you will prompt recover.

    Not a bad deal I guess.
  • Re: Long-term use of SSKI suppresses... trapper/kcmo  6 years ago  2,512  


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    when is this gonna happen to me?


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