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Dry Fasting or Absolute Fasting

Among various forms of healing “fasting” is considered to be the most effective one. It brings about both psychological as well as physical healing.

Most of us are not aware of the benefits of fasting, and also hold preconceived notions about this concept. We are psychologically conditioned that in order to remain healthy we need to eat a regular three-course meal. This is the reason we think fasting harms and weakens the body.

Well, if one fasts with this idea he or she may end up not enjoying the benefits of this concept. In order to know the fruits of fasting, one needs to try and test out this technique. “If one doesn’t experience it, one can’t say truly what good health is, even if he/she was never suffering from any illness” — these are the genuine expressions of people who have experienced healing after fasting.

There are two kinds of fasting

Dry Fasting: Individual abstains from both food and water

Ordinary fasting: Individual abstains only from food

A major myth regarding dry fasting is that abstinence from water for a very long time will lead to dehydration of the body. This is false because dry fasting is proved to be 2-3 times more efficient than ordinary fasting (when only clean water is allowed). This permits a complete cleaning of the excretory system.

Dry fasting can last from 1 to 14 days. However if the weather is hot and dry or if you need to engage in strenuous physical activity, it is better to restrict yourself to a shorter duration of dry fasting.

Deciding Factors on Dry Fast

•While Dry fasting it is necessary to keep a check on the amount of water level in the body, because the water level in the body may fall to critical limits. You can determine water levels in your body through the hydration of skin. If it goes below a given point it will prove to be critical to the individual.

•Another deciding factor is the amount of toxins accumulated in your body that get excreted through water.

•It is always advisable to fast on water for the first few times before starting on a dry fast. This prepares your body to dry fast.

Why Should You Dry Fast?

According to Arnold Ehret, the great Fruitarian/Fasterian, “The less you drink the more aggressive the fast works.” Fasting relieves the digestion system as the process of digestion takes an enormous amount of energy and even the processing of water drains energy.

Though there are debates regarding dry fasting, fasting without water is proved to free your body of toxins much better than if you drink water.

Things to Avoid While Dry Fasting

•Do not engage in strenuous activities during dry fasting.

•Minimize exposure to sunlight, which will make you weak.

•If you feel weak and extremely thirsty, drink a little water and postpone the dry fast to some other time.

Should I Rest or Work During Dry Fast?

Providing activity to the body enables faster elimination of toxins. Walking, cycling and swimming are all recommended. But if you feel extremely week you are advised to take rest.

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