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Ask Shelley # 1 [Archive] Candida, Liver, Bowel
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Ask Shelley About Candida, Liver, Bowel ...

Who is Shelley?

I'm 41 years old and have been reading tons of fiction and non-fiction since I was a teenager. The non-fiction I love to read is all about health and healing and esoteric subjects like numerology, astrology, philosophy, quantum physics, psychic ability, etc. I also read tons of books on writing, especially screenplays, and finance, because the second most important subject - after health - is money.

My interest in health was at first to rebel against it because my family was into standard medicine - my Mom's a nurse and grandfather a surgeon. So we rarely went to the hospital or to see a doctor, and if we did, we verified all diagnoses and lab results and prescriptions with our handy-dandy medical books and physician's desk reference.

When college required a science and lab, I took chemistry of nutrition. MD's only get 4 hours of nutrition, I took a semester long course from an amazing teacher, so I was given a pretty strong foundation on which to build.

In my twenties I partied a bit too hard and tried to compensate with fresh juices and such. Then my thyroid went all screwy - it runs in my family - first hyper then hypo, so I learned a lot from researching that and going thru it, including macrobiotic diet, Chinese herbal medicine, acupunture/pressure and yoga.

Due to getting injured and having dental work, I had to take several doses of antibiotics and came down with systemic candidiasis. Unfortunately, this went undiagnosed for like 5 years, as back in the 80's and 90's no one really knew about this. Luckily, after trying everything, I got a book on juicing, "Juicing for LIfe" that described candidiases and how to cure it, and thus I was able to diagnose it properly and cure it.

I went to a naturpathic doctor and chiropractor. They all taught me lots, the ND giving me the best advice for returning to health, including deep enemas, psyllium fiber, electrolytes, digestive enzymes, flax seed oil, lecithin and liver flushing. I also learned about Ayurvedic medicine. Finally vital health was restored and I had a good many years of being able to eat anything I wanted within reason.

Then a car wreck laid me low and it was back to the Chiropractor's, this time a holistic healer who introduced me to some excellent products from Garden of Life and others that you can't buy unless you're a licensed physician of some kind. I also did Rolfing and neuromuscular massage so learned more about soft tissue.

2 years ago thanks to stress, financial problems, dehydration and a rare auto-immune disorder, I was once again assailed with dis-ease, this time centering on my kidneys and immune system and of course liver and cholesterol. For some reason, my body has decided my own blood vessels are invading viruses and so I have too many white blood cells causing inflammation in my veins - vasculitis. that and dehydration and something else unknown has caused permanent kidney damage, so once again I was back into cleansing and modifying my diet and researching tons of things.

That brought me back to CureZone to get the liver flush recipe again, and this time I decided to log in and answer a few posts and things just snowballed from there. :) So here I am, as my way of staying positive and a health activist because western medicine rarely did anything for me. I just hope I don't end up like that "ever eat a pine tree?" guy and die of malnutrition. ;)

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