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Ask Swami: Medical Intuitive, Remote Diagnosis
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Dear visitor,

Use this forum to ask your questions about your health problems: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Medical Intuitive Swami was born in India 1954 and graduated from University of Kozikode in 1973. He is a highly skilled medical intuitive with more than 30 years of experienced with intuitive diagnostics, manual medicine, healing, nutrition, remote viewing, meditation, Yoga and QiGong.

Swami can see the human energy field and identify imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. He is a natural intuitive, but has developed his skills and accuracy by studying different kind of intuitive techniques.
His routine screening involves techniques based on:

Remote viewing technology
Map dowsing
Beacon targeting
Visualization through third eye
Transpersonal counselling
Chakra reading
General and local listening
Cranial mapping
Myofascial mapping and other methods based on osteopathic and integrated manual therapy techniques.

As he has many years of experience working as a manual medicine practitioner he can give an accurate anatomical or energetic location of certain problems. He has a good overview on how you can help yourself or where to search for professional assistance.
He is educated in a wide area of therapeutic techniques including:

General, paediatric, obstetric, cranial and connective osteopathy
Integrative Diagnostics (for brain, consciousness, heart, kidneys, lungs, pelvis, inflammation, infection)
Peripheral nerve release
Visceral manipulation
Fascial distortion model
Psychoemotional aspect of the nervous system (limbic information)
Somatoemotional release
Transpersonal counselling
Strain - counter strain
Craniosacral therapy
Polarity therapy
Deep tissue and trigger point work
Buchi healing

As he is sensing you from an energetic and holistic perspective he may see imbalances/lesions that have not yet manifested physically or are not causing you pain or discomfort at the present time.
Still this will be an area that will need your focus. Sometimes it may be an area that represents an underlying cause of your problem.

Please note that in order to interpret the information he receive during the screening, it will be useful to get some basic information to link on to. If you would like to receive a diagnosis from Medical Intuitive Swami, please ask your question and supply it with your age, sex, and general location.
If you add some of your symptoms the interpretation will be even more precise. If you are a woman please give details regarding number of deliveries and possible abortions.

Please limit your questions to your own issues. Due to ethical reasons, questions regarding others will not be answered. In some cases he may answer questions regarding missing people. He does not want to involve in matters that is under criminal investigations.

You will all eventually get an answer but it may take some days.
He spend about 2-3 hour to do a thorough screening.
In order to attend more questions, Swami will have to limit the answers he give in this forum to a few sentences based on a short screening. In order to get a full screening please see his web site for further details.

He really love people, and like to attend each and everyone with their individual needs. Due to his load of work, the time he is able to spend in the forum is limited. You can trust that he will give you a feedback as soon as he find time to help you.

Occasionally, you will find this forum closed for new questions.
It often means that there are already many unanswered questions here. He will open the forum for new questions as soon as he has answered all previously asked questions.

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