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The Mystery of the Pirate's Treasure Forum
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This is a place to improvise to your hearts content under the pirate/high seas adventure theme.

There is only one main rule to follow while improvising. There is no blocking other improvisers (see below). The goal is to have fun with your creativity in a true, positive, free flowing manner.

The way this thematic improvisation works in a forum format is as follows.

Each thread represents a ship.

Other threads will be created for other ships.

More threads will be spawned as people explore other islands, etc, or journey off in smaller row boats.

Comments about the action by non participants must be started as new threads (this is so people just don't show up out of nowhere in establishes dialogue wondering what is going on).

Anyone wanting to Captian a ship, please do so and gather your shipmates and sail away anytime you see fit.

See you at sea!

All aboard as your freedom sails!

To invent, compose, or recite without preparation. Synonyms : not prepare, extemporize, think on one's feet, wing it, ad-lib, be unprepared, obey an impulse, act on the spur of the moment, blurt, come out with, say whatever comes into one's head, rise to the occasion

Rejecting information or ideas offered by another player. One of the most common problems experienced by new improvisers. In conventional theatre, the term is used to mean something different. In caregiving, the term can mean the same except insert caregiver instead of player.

1. Having the ability or power to create: Human beings are creative animals.
2. Productive; creating. 3. Characterized by originality and expressiveness;

Embracing the offers made by other performers in order to advance the scene.

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