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Re: Hulda Clark and the zapper? A wee problem there.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Hulda Clark and the zapper? A wee problem there.

I Have worn many hats in the work I've done in the past spanning many different fields of study involving both technological and healing fields as well.

I have also pursued the fullness of every health discipline I came across to the extent of discovering what it was (if anything) that people were possibly getting success with in it.

I try to never recommend anything I haven't already tried and had good results with myself, both as a sheer matter of integrity, and to show courage in trying new modalities and making them work even better with a little help I find they may need as improving or in combination with others.

My findings:

The zapper, the Rife, and the Beck technology actually does work to a lessor or greater degree by frequency resonance, even as you can resonance-link directly into the resonant frequency of a glass goblet as an opera singer and shatter the glass.


The polarities of harmful pathogens are opposite (-) to the non harmful natural inhabitants on each frequency on up the scale, so using a positive offset wave on a certain resonant frequency overpowers, and forceably undermines the pathogens when the current makes a good connection in a positive only power interfacing with the body in a way you can just slightly feel.

It is not known exactly what takes place to the pathogens, but appears that the immune systems of the pathogens are stunned or damaged and in such a state, your own internal immune system police and troops are the able to go in and fully identify and be clearing out the weakened invaders for the flesh, bloodstream, and body.

I happened to have fully researched how Dr. Clarke came upon the idea and built a number of the zappers ( 8 of them for friends and relatives. We've had better results with using two of the 9 volt batteries in tandem into the circuitry rather than just one and also making a better connection with moist skin.

I came up once with a UTI and the various things supposed to take care of it didn't. Having absolutely no patience for either such discomfort or continuing condition, I took the opportunity to try a new super zapper I built with a standard issue digital electronic frequency generator (pro model used in bench repair of electronic equipment which she references but stipulates the positive offset setting requirements).

I looked up the specific pathogens that she listed as what causes such-- zoned into the specific frequencies listed and was able to do a fully scientific test of the modality.

I was free of the urinary tract infection in an hour (when nothing else natural from the best of the store that was supposed to work) as preparation had made any immediate headway.

Hulda is a pioneer and with her son stumbled upon something that shows promise but they did not know all the specifics in making it fully professional and standardized.

The fact that the syncrometer picked up a weak signal of a frequency of cancer in the sting operation's test subject was quite probably a precursor in the body of the person even before they became the full statistic that will simply take a little longer to take place since most people already have stages of cancer in their bodies and if not taken out earlier by something faster will die a horrible and painful death from it in time. After all, the incidence of cancer in the year 1900 was roughly 1 in 100, and yet this year 1 in 7 women alone will get cancer if they do no preventative measures like the Iodine Supplementation Forum outlines. Same for the rotting of men's prostates (uhg).

I think that Hulda was/ is sometimes possibly unprofessionally sloppy and her modality was neither streamlined enough or standardized enough, or even evolved enough to stand up to her detractors who (of course) did not want anything to interfere with the $300,000.00 per head that is reaped on average from each oncology patient cycling through the system.

New discoveries by women are historically never given their proper due by the powered clubs of the day:

I feel she is and was sincere but inexperienced and working with the introduction of experimental means and modalities rather than engaging deceiving, and baldface deception as accused by some.

3 minutes as a treatment 3 times is not enough in practice but was theoretically enough of a model to get some results enough for her to continue to experiment.
(for tough cases I read that up to a continuous hour each time works better an that is what I did straight away...

I have proven again and again that it works, and works even on the tough instance listed above which had not recurred.

Energy medicine is not fully perfected yet, but may well be a strong component of the wave of the future.

In the Star Trek movie where they come back in time to get a pair of whales, Chekov falls onto the deck of a nuclear sub and suffers an internal cranial injury requiring advanced medical attention. I'll not forget the words of Dr. McCoy as he came bursting into the 20th century operating room completely raging mad-as-hell on the doctor and medical staff for trying to cut open Chekov's head and do a "Goddamned FundaScopic Examination" when all that was required was for McCoy to pull out a futuristic energy medicine mini version of a tricorder, wave it over Chekov's forehead for 10 second and the operations was made completely unnecessary.

I am sorry if you had not put in the work necessary to give the modality a chance to work for you. It is clearly being reported that our bodies could used all the help we can get to help against these pathogens:

Wish you well...

Good Luck

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