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Re: Try this..
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Try this..


I belive you are trying to help. I believe you care. However, I think you are looking at my situation through the prism of your own mind, full of it's own experiences and believes. I have been a long-time meditator. My meditation practice included insight/midfulness meditation, TM, chanting, yoga, and other forms of mind and body cleansing practices. I've done much salf-awareness work too. I have a pretty good idea of who I am, and also am very familiar with and appreciate the concept of anatta. Anyway... Perhaps I was not ready for so much purification, so fast. If so, prescription of more of the same doesn't make sense. More importantly, with voices haunting me 24/7, meditation is just about the most painful activity I can partake in right now. It is also counterproductive, considering that during one I leave my consciousness open to receive the deluge of garbage that's been thrown at me, whatever maybe the source. I don't believe I am special, I never said that, in fact I've mentioned to you that there are many who've experienced similar symptoms. If you care to get a better idea about what it's like you're welcome to read this article and a free book right here:

I have never been a blind follower of doctrine. I have never been a fan of any particular religion or guru. Though learning what sages have to say, I've always listened to my inner wisdom, and was doing well. My suspicion that I'm under attack of foreign spiritual entities is based on my own observation. If it looks like a duck, it probably is, wouldn't you say? I accept the possibility that I may be wrong, but given the presentation other alternatives seem far less likely. (i.e. chemical disbalance, my ego is trying to kill me and itself, microchip etc.)

As for Christianity and priests, the water should not be judged for the dirty pipes it came through, and it isn't fare to judge all the water pipes in the world. You, yourself, have quoted Jesus. It maybe only a story, I don't know for sure, but he successfully casted out demons, as allegedly have many of his followers. When you got on the plane for the first time, you BELIEVED that the plane would fly. Your belief was not based on some absolute inner knowledge, it was based on belief. The reality, for all you know could have been very different. It was worth it enough for you to give it a try. I see little to lose and possibly my life to gain back by seeking help of people who know a thing or two about the nemisis I'm dealing with right now. I am also consulting shamanic healers too. I've exhausted my personal defense arsenal over the past few months. We need others for survival. Only the greatest yogis and most unsocial beings maintain aloofness. If I were to get in a car accident I would ask for emergency medical team, when dealing with what I believe to be evil spirits I need help from those capable to assist me in dealing with problem of spiritual nature.

Peace to all!

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