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Re: HZ, that's a fine suggestion!

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: HZ, that's a fine suggestion!

I first learned about it via (I think that's the address). Since then, I"ve read about it multiple times...everyone's suggestions are a little different.

What I meant by "bitter" vegetables is just anything that isn't sweet. For example, alfalfa sprouts are "sweet" (too bad, as I love them) so aren't okay, and same goes with green peas. However, most lettuces are a little bitter, so they're great (like romaine, spinach, celery, cucumber, etc). Anything bordering on bitter is usually great (parasites usually hate bitter, hands-down).

In my experience, you can literally *feel* the difference when it comes to what foods are okay and what ones aren't, so I recommend starting out with a few foods that are okay on most everyone's list and seeing if your symptoms begin to alleviate (which should happen within a couple days, at least a noticable decrease).

If so, then using the anti-parasite diet lists, begin adding a food or spice every few days to see if that one reactivates the parasites or keeps them asleep. By keeping a food diary, you should have a fairly decent diet idea within a month or so.

For example, you could start with some generic basics: brown rice, eggs, and romaine lettuce, with salt and black pepper as your spices. Eat just those things for a couple days and see if you feel a difference in your parasite symptoms (of course, most people will feel bad at first, due to sugar withdrawels, etc, but that will eventually go away and you'll feel MUCH better, especially with the parasites "asleep."

The BIG no-no's are sugars, especially fruit sugars and honey (weird, huh, but true), fermented things, and grains containing gluten. For example, NORMALLY apple cider vinegar is a positive thing for a person's health, but in this case, it's off limits because most parasites like fermented things (same goes for green tea). Sourdough bread seems to be okay for many folks, though, if you're up for making home-made sourdough bread with rye or spelt flours (no whole wheat and no sugars, of course).

I have a little routine down now... I make a pot of brown rice and work on eating it all day. I'll fix a bowl of it, add a hard-boiled egg, some rice bran oil, salt and pepper and oregano, chopped up tomato and some romaine lettuce, mix it all up and enjoy. Soup is another great way to do it---a big pot of soup with chicken and millet and non-sweet vegetables, and then I"ll eat on it all day long.

I don't know everything, that's for sure...I wish there was some sort of list about which parasites don't like which foods...though I have no idea what type of parasite I personally have, for that matter (I just know I want them dead and am actively working to make that happen!), I just appreciate feeling almost "normal" again. I miss regular food, believe me (I crave oats regularly--I miss my oatmeal!!!), but it's worth it to have my symptoms so drastically reduced.

The first month on the diet was the most difficult...besides all the food cravings, I would keep it for about 4 days, feel so good that I decided I had to be making up the whole parasite thing, and then break the diet, then feel horrible with the symtpoms (sometimes within minutes and sometimes not til the next few days) and would go back on the diet, and so on and so forth...

It was hard to fix food for everyone else and then not be able to eat any of it myself. Also, I didn't have a lot of "okay to eat" foods stocked up yet in my kitchen, you know, like no rice bran oil yet, etc, and so there wasn't a lot I *could* eat. I lost way too much weight that month, simply because I didn't eat much at all, and have had to work hard to put a few pounds back on.

I'm still way skinnier than normal, but not terribly so anymore. And the diet feels really normal now and I have my routines down, especially remembering to fill my stomach up full before I leave the house (important!) so I don't get hungry when out running errands, etc. I share that just to encourage others, in that learning to keep an anti-parasite diet is certainly a process, and one that can be a little difficult during the first stages, but is well worth fumbling through.



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