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Re: IUD removed...When do side effects go away?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: IUD removed...When do side effects go away?

hiya Heater:) Re the bloating - yes i agree, the estrogen dominance/lack of progesterone does cause bloating. I remember seeing it on some of the other estrogen websites etc too. It is amazing what our hormones get up to lol. I cant remember if you are already trying this but to help relieve the bloating while your hormones continue to try and adjust you could try the following - dandelion roasted root "coffee" - it isnt coffee of course, but looks like it. It will help to detoxify that liver and clear some estrogen and as well as stimulating the kidneys to work a little better and try to clear some of the excess water retention in the body. If you can find it, use the dandelion leaves too and even the fresh root, which can be steeped in hot water for a few minutes, then strained off. I am sure you are trying to drink lots of water too, which will help - 2 litres a day of water/herbal teas etc is about right.
The arrhythmia side effect is also brought on by ED Estrogen dominance, amongst other things, so it would seem pretty obvious that it is yet another long term consequence of the mirena use. In itself, irregular heartbeat need not be a problem for you as such, as long as you are careful in your diet and get those hormones sorted out, you need not have any problems caused by it - many people live with it and dont even know they have it till they go to the doc for some other problem and get checked over! However, it is important to avoid stimulants because they make the heart beat faster, as well as upping that damn estrogen again - so from now on, for your health's sake, no caffeine, no alcohol, and no Sugar except what is in your food naturally, like fruit for example. magnesium is needed for the muscles to wrok properly (and the heart is our main muscle), and is also reduced in estrogen dominant women...mmmmmm....i think we can see a connection here???:) Also Potassium is very important for the heart - guess what? Estrogen causes potassium loss, which in turn causes water retention - gotta love and admire the way our bodies are made, so complicated and yet so beautiful all woven together with everything effecting everything else - trouble is, when one thing goes out of kilter, so does everything else! Dandelion is rich in potassium and where normal diuretics will actually MAKE you deficient in potassium, the dandelion will help replenish stocks of potassium. If you get the hormones sorted though, then i am sure things will get a lot better all round. By the way the vertigo is probably caused by the magnesium and potassium levels being out - many people who are potassium deficient feel dizzy, confused and like they are going to fall. magnesium as i said before is needed by muscles, also by the nervous system as well as the hormones and can cause general muscle weakness if it is even slightly deficient. i remember getting the most awful cramps in my leg muscles when i was pregnant - i solved it by taking lead free dolomite every night - a mangnesium and calcium supplement.
Are your cholesterol and blood pressure levels normal at the moment?
just found some more info so will copy it here and post some other links too..the last 2 links give food ideas on potassium and magnesium - its probably best to eat more of those foods at the moment, rather than take supplements, as you are under the doctor. if you can get a blood test from the doc for your mineral levels too, so much the better, although i read that they are not always very accurate!! I do remember i had a few occassions since mirena of arrhythmia in the form of heart palpitations for a few seconds - i would hear my heart beating hard and i just stopped what i was doing and was very still till it stopped - i think i held my breath which probably was a silly thing to do lol, as i probably needed the oxygen from breathing hehe. i had the same while the doc was trying me out on statins too - but since i stopped the statins, i have had no more problems on that front, although i remember my mum had an irregular heart beat, but the doc was never worried about it, and never gave her any treatment for it.

As for me, yes thanks, the bleeding stopped - i had a long heavy period and am now waiting for the next one to see what happens! oh the excitement, i can hardly contain myself hehe..apart from my hair still coming out, i am feeling ok - a bit apprehensive due to the doctor appointment i have next month, when she will want to put me on cholesterol drugs, which i dont really want to take, as they will mess with my body chemistry at a time when i am trying to get things back into balance again - still, with my luck lol, they will probably give me side effects too...oh well, we will have to see:) Thanks for asking about my friend with the blood clot, she is out of danger but is feeling pretty bad generally and has put on so much weight with her hormones etc that it is difficult even for her to walk too much right now, but she has a wonderful hubby who is helping to get her up and going:) It will be a long haul for her, but i am very hopeful, especially if she can get to grips with the Estrogen Dominance stuff, that she will be able to lead a long, happy and healthy life:)
Anyway, before my computer crashes again, i will post some info and those links here for you - i already just did all this and the comp crashed before i had a chance to send the message to the forum (not for the first time, did that happen either lol). poor old comp is about as healthy as me LOL.. take care:)xx

Progesterone prevents estrogen dominance (Estrogen dominance is a condition where the toxic effects of estrogen are not countered by progesterone.)
Estrogen dominance alters cell function to allow the influx of water and sodium into cells, while potassium and magnesium are lost from cells, causing water retention and high blood pressure.
Estrogen dominance reduces the amount of oxygen present in the cells.
Estrogen dominance interferes with thyroid hormone.
Thyroid is the hormone that regulates metabolic rate. Low thyroid tends to cause low energy level, cold intolerance, and weight gain.
Estrogen dominance promotes histamine release (which causes allergy-type symptoms).
Estrogen dominance promotes blood clotting thus increases the risk of stroke and embolism.
Estrogen dominance causes copper retention and zinc loss in blood and brain. Copper and zinc are important cofactors for brain enzymes and the low zinc level leads to exaggerated stress reactions, serious mood swings, and depression.
Estrogen dominance increases the likelihood of fibrocystic breasts, uterine fibroids, uterine (endometrial) cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colo-rectal cancer due to estrogen's cell proliferation function. Progesterone neutralizes this effect by differentiating cells.

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