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Re: My story * (edit)
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: My story * (edit)

About 2 years ago, I was introduced to the Hebrew prayer and said it regularly, particularly before going to bed or doing meditation and prayers. Shortly after learning about it I had an interesting experience with unknown entities that came to me who wanted to use my body. I said the prayer firmly over and over again, and they left. I've since used it but very lightly.

At the beginning of the year I had an amazing spiritual opening that occurred for me too. In the past 2 weeks I've started to step up the prayers because of certain circumstances. The night before I made my post to you I decided to use the tetragrammaton and felt some amazing energy around me. This is when it occurred to me that this has been hidden from people. What you've said I feel is on point.

Peace to you too.


Instead of doing a new post, I decided to add here. I couldíve easily used my regular ID, but didnít. Actually, it doesnít matter because Iím of sound mind and donít care what others think.

The below poster mentioned schizophrenia as a possible affliction. At first I had to laugh because I know what occurred. I can also see why that person would jump to the conclusion as they did because I made a quick post, was tired, and really didnít explain myself fully by leaving things open for interpretation. I have no one to blame except for myself.

If in fact, my situation was an ongoing basis as a problem the poster could be correct, but this is not my situation. The advice might be sound if it were a continual problem or known psychosis, and if that were the case, I wouldnít be in a position to offer a suggestion. My experience was a one-time occurrence which never happened again. It also happened in a dream state when vulnerabilities can occur and the presence of ďwhateverĒ was overwhelming. Iíve spoken to other people about it and was told that those kinds of things can happen either during meditation or in an opened state. This is the very reason why I suggested the tetragrammaton because it is powerful.

Any person doing heavy-duty spiritual work or sensitive enough will encounter unexplained things. There are spiritual tests that happen- it is part of development- good and evil exists everywhere and there are choices that come with it. Iíve seen/experienced things that no one else can explain and there were plenty of people who witnessed the same occurrence.

To the person who suggested schizophrenia, does that mean because you donít experience something that it should be quickly dismissed? What about these ďunexplainedĒÖ.signs for schizophrenia?

Is that like delusional parasites and given prescribed psychotic drugs?

Is that like when healing/prayers are being done for a person and a heavy scent of roses suddenly occurs? [No one is wearing perfume and no flowers in the room.] Where did the scent come from- made it up from the depths of deranged minds?

Is that like when a person will feel or see a Heavenly presence?

Is that like when a person will feel or see an ďoffĒ or evil presence?

Is that like when someone is driving down the street and ďsomethingĒ tells them to urgently make a turn, and they find out later there was a deadly accident on the street about the same time they were there? Was the ďsomethingĒ a good or bad thing or made up from derangement?

Is that like when people who go into deep trances and things happened, that canít be explained? Are they possessed or not?

Is that like experiencing the most overwhelming love [for everyone/everything] that came out of ďnowhereĒ and bathed in it for long periods of time? Delusions of love?

Is that like ďmagicalĒ or ďbad luckĒ events that can happen, at anytime or on a continual basis?

Is that like having a ďvisionĒ?

Is that like ďspeaking in tonguesĒ or is it called babbling?

Is that like poltergeist events?

Is that like when a pet barks or hisses at something that you canít see, but a strange feeling is felt? What about a marked temperature change in a corner of the room? Imagination?

Is that like when an event in dream occurs and it turns out to be true? How does that happen- from the mind- or real?

Is that like someone saying that they can live off of air, without food?

Is that like someone who claims they are in their hundreds but donít look a day over 50?

Is that like seeing auras or energy around people but no one else can?

Is that like believing a person can be healed by diet alone- pH?

All questions, of course. Does that mean someone should be thought of as unstable with a deranged mind? Are those Signs of schizophrenia because you canít explain them? I think jumping to conclusions is a dangerous thing especially when we donít have all the pieces of information or don't fully understand an occurrence.

I know of someone whose upbringing was the strictest of all the Catholic religions. Occult type of things were forbidden and never considered. They also were a sound and prosperous business person. They suddenly became ill. They claimed that angelic presences came to them, healed them, and afterwards received a ďgiftĒ that is very unusual- no one else can replicate it. This person traveled the world to seek the help of Jesuits, Shamans, healers, doctors, and specialists. No one can account for the ďgiftĒ. Theyíve also experienced weird phenomenon and not so pleasant occurrences too. Does this mean that this person is also deranged after being checked out by so many experienced people when they are able to replicate the gift hundreds of times without fail? What about all the experts who examined this person- are they deranged too? Again, all questions that no one can answer. Iíve been told that the Clergy of the highest order are the most secure about knowing these kinds of mysterious happenings- everyday priests, on the other hand, would be more skeptical only because they donít have the information or lack experience.

The original poster canít account for the events in their life, does that mean schizophrenia too? Something to think about with an open-mind because anything is possible. Not everything in this world can be explained away so quickly.


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