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Re:Post updated and some new additions
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re:Post updated and some new additions


About last Friday remember each time we fail we are one step closer to sucess.It is a well known fact that the first 3 days of fasting are hard, consequently I think we fail not because we lack willpower but because we are ill prepared for the challenges these first few days bring.Having a well pre thoughout plan will go a long way in facing your challenge head on when the trying moment arrrives.Each person knows their weakness and should give thought to tackling them to be succesful. Here are few tips that work for me.

-I try to sleep through the first 3 days of my fast,barely leave my bedroom and try not even think about the fact that I'm fasting.Only after day 4 do I venture out ,resume taking my walks,usually I'm less hungry, stomach and body feels lighter and generally have the euphoria associated with fasting.

-From past experience trying to do too much like exercising,thinking, being around food just set me up for failure.Even if one works/goes to college this is still possible because you still get time off so you can use†this time to relax and ease into fasting with less of the stresses of daily pressures.

-Another hinderance for those with families to cook for is that its hard when you have to be in contact with food during a fast.Before beginning your fast you can even pre prepare meals and freeze them its possible to prepare meals that can last as long as even 30 days if you look online there are good suggestions of meals that freeze well like spagetti bolognese ,soups really good now its winter,beans.If† family mealtimes†are hard ask theirundertanding not be around during meals times maybe take a relaxing shower or a walk or watch the sunset, or burn insense,or†meditate or listen to soothing relaxing music.If a single parent if kids are old enough ask them to clear up after dinner or if you have a partner maybe they can do it after all they'll love the results of weightloss.Even if kids are too young to help frozen meals will generally mean less cooking etc.

-Say you dont have to cook in this society will live one still will be in contact with food or bombarded with it commercials,TV shows.Just pre plan ways to deal when in these situations.Y/day for example my b/f came over and said he was hungry and went about making all my favourite foods.The smell was just ridiculous,driving me crazy, yes I thought of giving in besides why not I wasnt even feeling good headaches etc ; but I'm on a water fast so for a change and to deal with the crisis †I decided to have diluted fruit juice(Naked Mighty Mango with ice and mostly water this was in the fridge for when I break my fast on Friday) I sipped on it slowly,enjoyed it†plus got a little energy and felt a lot better.This really helped get back on track† and resumed my willpower and even watched him eat. Pre planning helps, a week or so before breaking my fast I make sure to have the recommended†foods or†juices to properly break a fast this way if I unexpectedly have to break it due to sickness/cleansing crises im prepared than be sick and trying to get whole foods.Having these healthy supplies in your fridge can be a life saver in situations like my b/f y/day and I dont know too many pple that cld get upset at breaking a fast on a really healthy juice.Say your'e juicing then you cld find relief in nice light healthy snack as a few slices of cucumber or even a salad,So instead of ignoring that hard/tempting times will arise instead PREPARE PREPARE think about ways to deal w them,find things you'll be comfortable doing that you'll be happy and be proud of rather than failing and having a panic attack and quitting,

-Also you know how really bad and useless we feel when we break our fast I began to hate that feeling soo much I had to deal with it.Now I really think long and hard in fulfilling a quick craving/desire because I know how the aftermath will not be quick and delightful and I REALLY dont want to have those feelings.When those cravings hit† i will watch a movie, take a walk do,something relaxing the moment will pass and even if it doesnt pass these days I'd rather put up with the misery†EVENTUALLY it will pass;†instead of feeling useless after giving into cravings ,you feel much better for not being an emotional eater in the end the good feeling is better than the crap we go through from emotional eating.If your'e not on a fast and†have to eat have a really health pre planned†alternatives†and you'll feel beter abt that too. I came to realization when I heard the saying " I EAT BECAUSE IM UNHAPPY, IM UNHAPPY BECAUSE I EAT" I realized its just a sickkkk cycle you eat for 2 seconds of pleasure then have to deals with wayyy more than 2 seconds of unhapiness guilt so it just had to stop.

These are just a few tips being prepared definitley solves half the problem.

As for the juices and water it really depends on your budget and the effort you want to put in.I kind of like simple and straight forward I dont juice my own I'd like to but I dont no paitience.So personally I

When I have juice fasted before†or now†when I get juices to break my fast on I use

-Naked(Brand) of juices: My favorite are Power C and Mighty Mango
-Odwalla(Brand):Orange juice(the best orange juice)but be careful not to do too much OJ its said to be acidic and I could agree.
Grapefruit & Orange juice: this is really good for weight loss just be careful of acidity so after a week of it can switch to non acidic juices etc.Still use keep the 1/3 juice(but the 1/3 is split btwn orange juice and grapefruit juice) to 2/3 water

You might notice that they have a lot of sugar or are sweet but heres the TRICK put very little of the juice and dilute it with mostly water.Like 1/3 juice to 2/3 water add a tid bit more juice for taste if its too bland but it should be fine.Too much juice = less weightloss.Also when I was juice fasting I treated them as meals so a juice for breakfast for energy and one later on in the afternoon for another energy boost none at night dont need too much energy then. In between drink water lots of water.

Juicing works great with Measuring Polycarbonate Bottles:Now about the juice water mixture.I bought polycarbonate bottles at wildoats they come in 1litre, 600 ml they are better because normal plastic water bottles can leach plastic into the water and these polycarbonate bottle prevents this.Another good reason to get them is the MEASUREMENTS PART,its easier to get water juice mixture right and KNOW waht it is your'e taking in calories wise.I used the 600ml bottle I'd pour 200ml juice for 400ml water. But you guys just experiment to find whats right for you cause as much as you want less calories from juice you still want good taste or you wont keep it up and too liitle juice might mean not enough nutrients and calories for energy so definitley get the right balance.These bottles are great to get these measurements right and they also look hip,besides you probably wont drink all the juice in one go it might take you a bit of time to get through it;†so say in the morning you can fix it and grab it to go.You can also fix the afternoon one and put it in a cooler.The 1ltr one is also great to keep track of your water intake say you have a target of 2 ltrs a day just 2 refils of it and you've met your goal.They're pretty come in blue,green,pink and purple if you dont have a wild oats in your state they're sold online also for much cheaper.When I was into them I got obsessed cause they're so pretty every time I went to wild oats I found an excuse to buy one now I'm not on that juice regimen so got over them.Now that I'm water only fasting Smart Water bottles do the trick they come in convenient measurements 1ltr or 1.5 ltr bottles so easy to track water intake or consumption and also easy to cary around especially the 1ltr.Simplicity,simplicty thats what it has to be fasting is too hard to deal with other complications.

Water:†depending on whether I'm broke or not or what I'm craving yes craving water

Walmart Distilled Water:† around 69c per gallon hasthe purple sticker.
Smart Water:by Glaceau the company that makes vitamin water, a little pricey but to me worth it.†It is vapour distilled which is better than plain distilled water and has electrolyles which proves handy for† those on a water only fast.

Alternating Juice and Water Days: Also it doesnt have to be 1 day of juice for I day of water its usually a couple days of each.Say one days a couple days on water and starts to feel week then you can add juice days to replenish your system.A little longer than one day on each regimen helps the body better able reap the benefits of water quick weight loss then when water detox starts to hint at getting uncomfortable switch to milder juice fast where your'e still detoxing and loosing weight but have the much needed energy to even boost that weightloss you have enough energy to get in some exercise but PLEASE do not over do it its important to conserve your energy during fasting.Most people dont pay attention to this but there is some good to be†gotten from a somewhat resting heart during fasting.

So thats quite a mouthful... anyways wishing you and lalalola68 all the very best. I should be hanging around the forum cause got a bit of my own fasting to get done so any questions or concerns feel to post and will do my best to help.

So into those skinny jeans ladies!!!


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