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Re: A visitor -- I agree and disagree with the "visitor"! -- follow the protocol, but deviate too!

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: A visitor -- I agree and disagree with the "visitor"! -- follow the protocol, but deviate too!

Hi, all --

Nice to be back after 4 months of staying off the computer due to migraines where even the computer screen could set one off. What a summer, although that is a different story!

Back in the spring, I think, there was a rash of posts on this forum regarding some severe detox reactions. The people who were suffering and posting about it tended to attribute their strong reactions (mood stuff, mouth sores especially) to on OP, period. Which in a way was logical, as OP was the last thing they had done/introduced. At that time, also, a lot of people were launching into OP 3x/day with coconut oil or adding oregano (I am actually at this time hesitant to even MENTION how strong these oils are for fear a newcomer will see that and not make a distinction between "strong" and "effective" -- and there is a big one -- the lighter oils are equally powerful in their efficacy (as the orginial protocol calls for -- sunflower and sesame -- and those would not have stood the test of time were they not absolutely effective...), but in my experience, coconut and oregano can do a lot really fast. In the aforementioned examples, my gut + experience told me that these folks were sending out too much too fast and getting the terrible reactions, and then saying OP was the problem.

Well, yes and no. If my front door is unlocked and a robber breaks in, the robbery is my problem, although the front door being unlatched was the avenue for the bad stuff to take place. So, there is a difference.

I spent a couple of months during that time advising any and all newcomers to establish a baseline with the orginal protocol for two weeks -- use sesame or sunflower, 1x/day in the morning for 20 minutes to determine not whether OP was "safe" for them, but to do some early cleansing and more important to get some toxins out. This was not autocratic: I was vicitim to my own early enthusiasm and its deleterious effects last fall and added oregano to my "base" oil without waiting for some basic cleaning/adjustment to take place. (It's such a seeemingly benign protocol I think it is not only easy but natural to want to pick up the "big guns" earlier... .) My result? A HORRIBLE mouth sore that was enormous and which lasted for 2 weeks.

So, my experienced advice is still to follow the protocol for a period of time to see what will happen, and to let the body begin to move some toxins out (even if it does not seem like anything at all is taking place), and to get used to the process. Then, to move away from Rao's rigidity, we have a wealth of experimentation here to draw upon, but in large part this forum is just that -- a recounting of our experiences in terms of deviation from the basic protocol.

I did see last spring several early/bad reactions among people who had taken Rx meds. Now, I am not anti-all Rx meds, but I am anti the new ones for what I believe is toxicity with a profit motive. But I think people got the mouth sores, etc. from the deposits those medications leave -- that's not an assumption but an observation over time here. (I am still more scared of Rx drugs than street drugs in terms of long-term effect and toxicity, and I've got the experience with both to back that up.) Prozac detox did far more harm to me emotionally than a) it ever did good; and b) than crack cocaine ever did, period. Probably because of the fluoride.

Anyway. I am typing fast b/c my girls are waking up from naptime so am not feeling cogent, but it is such a great feeling to be "back", and love to my old friends and hello to my new ones! Best to all.


p.s. An afterthought -- I have not used coconut oil all summer and just added it in late Sept. when I bought a couple of bottles on sale. Let me say I have felt like crap ever since, which I just finally got tested -- a huge viral infection. But the gift of knowing EVCO is antiviral is being able to understand what is going on.

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