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I am so FURIOUS I have had a Mirena for 3 years now and Just found this site!!!!!
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Published: 15 years ago

I am so FURIOUS I have had a Mirena for 3 years now and Just found this site!!!!!

I can't believe that the answer to my problems is probably my IUD. It is so strange that I didn"t put 2 and 2 together but it just makes so much sense now. Last month I went to my doc to get new perscriptions for my Depression and cholesterol, and mentioned to her that I felt Nauseated and weak and had this slight headache all the time, my hands and feet feel swollen? She said,"Do you think you might be pregnant?" Of couse I say no I have an IUD i couldn't be. She says well lets do a test just to make sure. SO of course it's negativeand she checks a couple of things in my eyes and says well i dont think you have a tumor you probably have a bug so give it a while. Ok I say and I think a couple days later it seems to be better. SO almost exactly a month later (hint, hint) I start feeling the same stuff but much worse this time. Keep in mind though that I am 37 yrs old, overweight, I work full-time and I have 3 kids (4 if I include my husband) ages 15, 7, and 3. If you get what I mean I am not used to focussing on me and what I am feeling I don't have time for that. So this time I am feeling extremely sick and I am actually very worried about how I am feeling and thinking about what could be wrong with me. I hate talking to dr.s and others about my symptoms because I dont like to be a complainer and I always think people are judging me for bieng overweight and will tell me I need to eat better, exercise (which I already know and tell myself every 3 minutes anyway) ect. Point is I dont usually talk about what I feel and I dont even usually remeber how I have been feeling. So a few days ago I am standing at the counter at the urgent care clinic with my 3 yr old who I am bring in to check out a cough that he has and I am literally holding myself up at the counter feeling like I will either pass out, barf, or die right then and there and it occurs to me that maybe I should be checked out also. I SEE A DR I DONT KNOW AND HE WAS VERY NICE TO DO A ZILLION TESTS BLOOD, URINE, PREGNANCY (AGAIN!!!!!) i SAY I HAVE AN IUD!!!! he says well we will just make sure!!!! of couse all the tests are normal/negative and I am more concerned than ever that I must have some rare disease that doesnt even have a name yet. ( I even started wondering if my husband could be poisoning me ) I clearly watch too much tv and I am halucinating also. So today still suffering and trying to just do what I always do I went to work and ate and ate and ate! It truly is the only thing I can do to take away that empty stomach nausea and passy outy feeling that i have constantly. By the way I think I have gained about 35 lbs in the past 3 months or so no joke. I mentioned some of what I am feeling to my aunt today and she says what about your iud? And here i am. It"s 2:30 in the am. I am thrilled to find this site. Why dont dr's know about this? I cant wait to tell my aunt about this info because guess what? She has a mirena too. :( Thank you to all of you who write on the forums!!!! especially KABEL you are so helpful! I need to get some natural progesteron cream! But not before I have this thing removed ASAP! I dont care if I ever have sex again! I dont want it anyway! At least I havent for the past 3 yrs. (hmm I wonder why?) I think I see a small hole of light at the end of the tunnel that I may have a better life ahead for me! Good night all!!!

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