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Iodine, etc. by MH
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Published: 15 years ago

Iodine, etc. by MH

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Dear Mh,
I have been on a raw food diet and have picked up some parasites apparently. Please, what kind of parasite causes consitipation but no direah. Also, much distention in the abdomen and in my opinion a partial blockage due to the very very severe intense spasms in BOTH the large and small intestinal area. It feel like many many raw sores and heat inflamation/burning in both the large and small intestines. After taking some of your dewormer, the abdomen went down and is soft and no longer hard and it is amazing at how the intestines are relaxing instead of spasming...The releif that I am feeling from the dewormer is really impressive. I am going to order some more dewormer from Brenda. I am not seeing any parasites in the intestines from taking the dewormer but it is givingme releif that I have not felt in so long. You may say it dont matter, what kind of parasites they are but that the dewormer is doing the job. But I have a curious mind and would like to know because it seems odd to me to have severe constiapation (notdireah) and have parasites. Especially where I felt the most inflamation would be in the area where the large and small intestines connect. Also, there was much spasm in my lower back.And oh, my bladder also was in spasm and it too is relaxing! Befor the dewormer , my abdomen felt like something was wringing out my intestines like squeezing water out of a towel . It was bad . I am very grateful and thankful and consider you the king of parasite knowledge. Thanks Mh. I always appreciate hearing from you and will give Brenda a call. Thank goodness I had some of the dewormer on hand. Keep up the good work. ( I have been uterine cancer free for 2 years now) ..Ps....Garlic tablets do not work for me for parasites.......When the md did a mri of my back because of the pain and spasm, he found some weird Tarlov like cyst on the nerve roots of the sacral back area. I read that those type of cyst have been first discovered back in the 1800''s. I have to wonder if maybe it is actually some kind of parasite in my those cyts on the nerve root in my back? I always value your insite and help the knit bone really good! THANK YOU and may God bless you and His herbs for mankind's health..........######


Under normal circumstances I would always start with the Chiropractor to make sure a rib was not out of place pulling on the spine, etc.

Cyst can be caused by 2 things; lack of circulation and lack of proper nutrition, mostly Iodine related. The booklet I am working on comes straight and says all these cyst are Iodine problems aka lack of it. I would still suggest the spine could have been out of alignment, which caused hot spots (lack of circulation) which results in a cyst, etc.

ALWAYS eliminate the issues of having bones out of place, see the (GOOD) chiropractor several times a year to make sure. I know few good ones exist, but when you find a good one stick with him.

The poor man's option:
Take your cloths off and roll down the grass hills and play like a kid. The sunshone and movements should restore the bones. I know old sick people wuld refuse to take their cloths off, so that eliminates them breaking their bones as they roll down the hills, take it slow as the play restores the body.

When you can climb a tree like a young child just can't resist doing, then your heading towards freedom.


The reason the person may be finding relief with the dewormer, is because it has always been a natural Iodije source.

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