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There is a CURE
SacredCowTipper Views: 21,672
Published: 16 years ago

There is a CURE

The doctors call it DOP (delusions of parisitosis), but Morgellons is a real disease and my brother suffered from it. We bought a cheap microscope (only 20 bucks!) on EBAY and the fibers were exactly like the ones on the internet and they were VERY alive. We beat it, and here is how: He used Borax - 1 cup - in his bathwater each day, he used a special soap that I bought on the internet (sorry, can't remember the name but it's only a symptom reliever anyway), and most importantly, he megadosed on silver colloid. Now listen, DO NOT FALL for the ionic crap. It is the COLLOID, not the ionic, that will beat Morgellons. We tried the ionic at twice the price (fell for the hype) and it had no effect. I bought him a ton of things, had him taking homeopathic boron, top of the line chelation, using tons of products to soothe the itching, but it was two things that actually BEAT Morgellons: A decent quality Colloidal Silver (2 teaspoons every 15 minutes for 4 hours - and no, it will NOT turn you blue), COMBINED with a dewormer. The first time we thought we beat it, he only used the silver, and it came back several weeks later. The time he really beat it, he convinced a doctor to give him a script for dewormer. If he had not been able to get the doc to write the script, he was going to go to a feed and seed store and buy a dog dewormer. Yes, it is the same crap, more or less, and no, it will not kill you. You use it just as you would give it to your dog, pound for pound. The swinish doctors will not diagnose your condition. They go to their script: Delusions of Parasitosis. You are on your own, my friend, against black-ops nano-pests. You can bring a wiggling stool sample to the M-Diety and he'll tell you there is nothing there. He'll REFUSE to put it under a glass in your presence. But you can beat it yourself: Megadose on silver colloid and deworm your self immediately after. Watch and see. Hey, hit me back after you are CURED. By the way, not that it matters what brand you use, but the quality/price product we used was Mesosilver. Again, any properly prepared Colloidal Silver will do, but if you want the identical product, it was Mesosilver. One more thing: The same illuminati that gifted you with nano-bugs will do 2 things to keep you sick: Lie to you about argyria, and dazzle you with an array of bogus products with "scienticious" crap-talk. Listen to experience and beat the damned disease.

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