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Published: 16 years ago
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Hello Oil Pullers:

I have been having an email exchange with Col TK RAO of the Oil fame. It's been wonderful discussing OP with him as he has been doing it for decades now. He is a strict follower of the Ayurvedics and Dr. Karach. He firmly believes that only Sesame Oil and Sunflower Oil are the correct oils to relieve all health conditions. I respect his opinions.

I thought I would share our latest email exchange. By all means, if someone wants to discuss any aspects of OP with him, he is assessible through his website Here is our last email.

Why does the oil get thick in the beginning? That has been a recurring question on our forum.

Ans: Mucus is lipophilic and is secreted in the mouth as soon as oil touches the mucus cells. the result is you cannot move the oil easily and you get a feeling it has got thick. As more mucus gets secreted chemical reaction takes place and water portion of mucus/saliva disassociates and oil part solidifies into small fat globules. This can be observed if the spitout is collected in a glass.The contents of spitout separate as water and fat globules.

Is the article you speak of from Dr. Karach available in English?

Ans: Yes. the article by Dr. Karach is available in English is attached to this email. (It was not attached and I sent him another email to request it)

How do we get a copy of the books you have written?

Ans: We will inform you after deciding about it. You can suggest a method which is cheap and fast.

Did you know that the pharmaceutical companies use Oleic Acid as an enhancer to medications that are placed under the tongue?
Apparently this acid allows rapid absorption. Once we discovered that, then we questioned whether the essential fatty acids in the oil are being immediately absorbed into the blood system, bypassing the digestive system. Every organ in the body uses, and benefits from essential fatty acids, especially the brain. It's one of our theories.

Ans: It appears to be a logical theory.

And that leads me to another question. If we are absorbing the excellent properties of the oil, why do you think Dr. Karach suggested only using refined oil? To us, refined oil has been stripped of its beneficial qualities by chemical extraction. Refined oil has lost a great deal of the good nutrients. Can you comment on that?

Ans: Refining the oil removes the fat soluble vitamins to some extent and also removes the remnents of pesticides, insecticides and gives a pleasing color to the oil. Refining also removes any unpleasant taste of oil.

Have you read any work by Udo Erasumus? When you first enter the site it seems like advertising for his oils, but digging deeper is a wealth of information about the benefits of oil.

Ans: No i have not read any work by him.

I appreciate your responses to my emails, thank you. If you would like to register on the forum at Curezone, it is free. Then the posters can ask you questions directly. I believe we are the most active forum on the internet regarding this subject.

Ans:Instead of answering the questions individually I would like to answer on common questions concerning more people.I have tried to post on my website most of the common questions/topics asked by a large number of people.

We have had the greatest effect with coconut oil. It is a well known anti-viral, and contains Lauric Acid which is the same component of mother's milk. This acid is what gives babies their immunity. A few people have said that it was not until they used the coconut oil did tumors of the mouth and throat disappear. Many are devotees to coconut, and I fear they would be quite unable to give it up. But if you have a compelling reason, that would be great. We also have people from countries where sesame and sunflower oil are simply not available.

Ans: Some oils have a cooling effect and some heating effect on the body depending on the constitution.
Ayurveda has specified different oils for different purposes. In case of mouth ulcers ghee (clarified butter) or milk is used till the ulcers get cured and is used specifically till mouth ulcers get cured. Each person may have different experiences with the same oil.Oil other than Sunflower or sesame may not give the same cures in the long run.


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