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Lymph and Adrenal Fatigue Question.

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Published: 14 years ago

Lymph and Adrenal Fatigue Question.

Hi Dr Sutter. I read the recommended thread started by jessesmom1987 and have a similar problem and wanted advice. :)

I don't have a thyroid. I recently became really hypothyroid from not getting the right meds and from switching off of Synthroid/Cytomel to Armour. Since starting Armour, I am getting the same problems everyone else has with the anxiety and panic attacks. I am not even on nearly the dosage I should be on, I can only take 1/2 grain and I should be on like 2 or 3 grains so I am still suffering from being hypothyroid. But anything higher and I get anxiety attacks. I have never had these before..I thought I was dying when I had my first one and had to take another medication to make it pass. It was THAT bad. Normally, I don't touch any kind of drug whatsoever except for my thyroid meds.

Now doing more reading online, it's getting frustrating to read that to go on the "natural" drug, I need to take DRUGS to make my Adrenals work such as Isocort or Prednisolone etc. This makes no sense to me and it's not what I want to do..

It's not caused by lack of sleep. I never really had sleep problems. My routine has stayed the same. Since switching to Armour, I just have major fatigue, yawning to the point my eyes tear and weakness starting in the afternoons and lasting until I do go to bed and I wake up the same 8 hours later. My life isn't that 'stressful" either so that's not it.

My lymph system is a mess. Been that way for a while. Edema and tiny, hard balls everywhere. I do rebound it's just hard to stick with it when this fatigue is overwhelming. I want to do it a few times a day for at least a few minutes but usually only manage 10mins in the morning now.

Umm what else..My colon is clean. I've been on Oxypowder for 3 months straight because being so Hypo it's the only thing that keeps me "regular". I parasite cleansed 6 months ago and saw nothing. I was going to do another cycle of Humaworm this month but now finding out I have adrenal issues I think it might be too much on my system. And my liver isn't "clean" or "stone free" but it doesn't hurt or anything. I don't feel "strong" enough to liver flush.. rather just drink juices or supplements to slowly help..haven't decided yet.

Do I start another cleansing and detoxing cycle?
Can I fast?
Any particular juices to drink?
Um any idea how can I get my adrenals working without drugs? Doesn't seem like anyone with thyroid issues has had success with the few supplements or herbs in this area.

I'm going in circles. It's driving me nuts.


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