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Published: 15 years ago
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Hi dbal,
I saw your post and wanted to say I am sorry you are afflicted with such an awful disease. I have been reading Curezone for some time now and have suffered for over a year with an undiagnosed "something" affecting my inner ear nerve and eyes, among other things, and I was near death last Spring. Since you know what your condition is, this gives you so much power! From all I have learned this past year, I have come to the conclusion that to overcome any illness there are some basic things that need to be done, and I think you might benefit from my experience if you care to try anything more before giving yourself back up to conventional medicine and despair...

1) You are right that toxins play a MAJOR role in illness. Detoxing is an art that with the wrong practitioner and the wrong tools can go terribly wrong. I believe you may have killed parasites that were actually serving a purpose by cleaning up toxins already there keeping ALS from emerging, and by killing those off it may have triggered ALS that had all the right "ingredients" in April to emerge (genetics, pathogens, bioenergy imbalance, diet, emotional state, etc.). Obviously, this is a hypothesis that may never be proven, but it can explain one reason for your experience. That said...

2) According to Dr. Tennant, MD in Dallas, the body, including nerve cells, can regenerate, if given the proper raw materials, energy, and removal of anything interfering with cellular communication. These things include a) heavy metals and mycoplasmas b) lack of absorption of nutrients c) lack of enzymes to do the cellular work d) too much or too little energy in one's biofield or an energy incompatability that wasn't there before (i.e. new allergy).... At a Domancic Bioenergy seminar in Tulsa recently, the N.D. hosting the class mentioned knowing about people who were regenerating limbs and kept having to get new prostheses to adjust for the new growth. Nerve cells are part of limbs... Also, a lady with ALS attended the class and after a few treatments was walking with larger strides, so we know bioenergy does play a part in healing. to learn more about this therapy and see the documentary go to
(I am not making money doing this by the's just so amazing to me)

If I were you, I would:
a) get rid of heavy metals as priority #1 snd commit to this for at least 4 months. I would do this by calling Maxamlabs and asking what protocol they recommend for ALS, which should include PCA-Rx spray. As an alternative or adjust depending on what Maxamlabs says, I would try a detox bath every other night as used in a San Antonio clinic doing miraculous healing for 30 years, the recipe of which was recently shared with me by an unnamed practitioner. Every other night soak in hot water and 1/2 c epsom salt, 1/4 c bleach, and the powder from 6 capsules of zinc (Solaray has this) and go to bed and sweat. Be sure to replace your electrolytes during this process. I understand this bath helps detox metal etc as well as rebalance pH. (Moreless might disagree, but this is what I was told by someone who saw it's results. I'm just passing the information along...)

b) I would cleanse my intestines so I can absorb nutrients. Add a good fiber supplement that does not contain a harsh laxative, like the colonix fiber powder, and I would combine that with the 4-herb native american detox tea available through Humaworm or Herbal Healer in AR. I would absolutely take a good probiotic every day for the rest of my life. I would not do liver cleanses at that time because it would be too hard on such a sick body.

c) I would see if there is anyone in my area doing Domancic Bioenergy balancing and ask them about a donation basis for treatments, especially since all in the US are so new at the method.

c) I would absolutely get a consultation with an experienced NAET practitioner (preferably an M.D. or N.D. doing it because it is so powerful) to make sure the ALS symptoms were not because of some new weird allergy. NAET is fantastic!!! You may have just been allergic to the HW and need to be treated for it so that your body can function normally again. If I was allergic to the HW and got it eliminated, I might consider doing another round of it at that time. Just theorizing from all I've researched about all the possibilities here.

d) If none of that helped, I would also consider trying MMS or Paradophilus along with Oreganol and Olive Leaf, as I might think that ALS could be caused by some unidentified pathogen, perhaps a mutant form of Lyme, who knows, anything is possible. Again, fighting for life...looking at all options...

e) I would research all I could about healing herbs for regenerating such as Ear & Nerve Tincture and Complete Tissue and Bone plus herbal calcium and sorghum molasses for minerals suggested by Barefoot Herbalist, and read Dr. Christopher's works on his website or his School of Natural Healing book. I would also take Dr. C's pancreas formula to support all the body glands while detoxing, to prevent hypoglycemic and panic attacks.

f) I would call and talk to as many practitioners as I could and get referrals to those who are on the leading edge in integrative healthcare (not just "alternative" medicine). The goal is to not be afraid to call and talk to the scientists or manufacturers, even of products recommended by licensed practitioners.

g) I would cut out all refined sugars and carbs, cut out trans-fat, don't drink milk unless it's raw from a reputable farm, cut out nitrates, msg, canned foods etc. Drink lots of distilled water, get lots of sun and fresh air, make lots of slow cooked and raw fruits and veggies and take whole food based supplements especially DHA oil, phytonutrients and green superfood.

i) I would pray pray pray, count my blessings, meditate, listen to soft soothing music, anything to always keep positive thoughts going, as negative thoughts create acidic body pH among other as yet to be discovered phenomena. I would solidify in my mind that just because others have ALS, I can overcome it and don't let anyone swerve my resolve to get well.

I hope my message helps you in some way, if only to give you hope that things can turn around. Perhaps your purpose is to help others suffering ALS find the light in their lives?

Blessings to All,
your Friend in Natural Health (FINH)

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