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Morgellon's/Parasites and MMS Success
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Published: 14 years ago
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Morgellon's/Parasites and MMS Success


I met with a young lady, about 35, tonight who has been plagued with
parasites for many years. They actually grow under her skin in
circles and have a head. The sores open up and she pulls them out
and it takes awhile for the wounds to heal and they leave scars. I’m
sure the worms grow inside as well. She has had all kinds of
treatments from different practicioners. Doctors don’t know what to
do. Naturopaths are stumped. The worms eat the herbal cures for
breakfast and ask for more. IN addition to this she has now been
diagnosed with cancer - I’m not sure what type.

SO she was glad to know that I might have something to help
her. I took her the e-books, a bottle of 10% citric acid and a
bottle of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . I showed her how to mix up one drop, wait, add and
drink. Within 10 minutes she felt something working like she had
taken appropriate drugs. She really feels encouraged. I asked her to
read the stories from Africa and then to keep a written diary of her
experience. [I hope to be able to share that with the group within
10 days to two weeks.] Then her stomach bloated. She felt
nauseated. We prayed and the nausea immediately went away. Her gut
started to do the rumble and within 20 minutes she was rushing to
the bathroom.

For those of you who might just think that ONE DROP won’t do much,
I’d like to point you to chapter 23 in the second e-book as well as
the above experience.

And my wife still can’t comfortably go above one drop a day because
of nausea.

Well, your comments have encouraged me to question the lady further.
First of all, she is 50 not 35. Now that I have that mistake out of
the way, lets go on. I have other posts about her. These parasites
that she has came from caring for someone who had the parasites on
their feet. A chinese herbalist who spoke poor english said to
her, "oh, you take care of man with dirty feet". The parasites come
from tropical areas including rice paddies in China. She says that
the parasites spread under her skin like spider legs. She does have
hairs growing out from under her nails. And she is able to pull and
continue to pull the same hairs from her arms. And they are
different colours. So she may in fact have Morgellons disease - a

The good news is that the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is working tremendoulsly well with
this. Overnight, swellings have gone down, skin is healing. Worms
have come out in her diarrhea, all with one drop. I don't really
blame her for taking two more this morning. I did have to buy her
Depends and toilette paper though. So I will keep you posted and
will add this post to the other thread.


On the first morning after taking drop in the evening, the swelling
has gone down at all the pathogen skin sites. The skin has broken
open and is starting to peel in what she describes as what usually
happens when healing is starting to occur. She is quite elated
There has been a lot of diarrhea and she has been coughing up
phlegm. Against my advice, she took another two drops this am, less
than 12 hours later and is expecting further improvement. She says
nothing has ever worked like this Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . Her dermatologist gave her a
cream and she was told that she would have to use the cream for
EIGHT months before seeing an improvement. I guess they are going to
have a talk soon.

She tells me that her cancer tumors are in her groin and vaginal
area and she will be checking out their size soon at her next bath.

Over night a cyst behind her knee has also broken and is decreasing
is size.

Futher update:

My friend is through her second day into her third. The wounds have
almost healed. The fibers from her skin have almost stopped. Her
arthritic pain has gone. The diarrhea stopped yesterday and she now
has enough energy to talk at length on the phone and clean up her
kitchen. She is even talking about doing laundry. She is ecstatic
about what only 5 drops in total have done for her. One on the first
evening and 2 x 2 the following day.

parasite infection

I had the first interesting and disgusting effect since I started this experiment.

At eleven drops I felt fine other than the big D which started around seven drops. Later in the evening I had some more D and had what looked like a large grub used for Crappie fishing in the toilet. About 3/8? of an inch long and wider in the middle about 3/16? of an inch wide at the widest point and tapered to points on both ends. I did not eat anything that could have resulted in such a unique item.

I took thirteen drops just before the first episode but there was not enough time for that to have been the cause. The eleven drops seemed to create this result, whatever it was.

Later at work I dumped some rice looking stuff. about 12 to fifteen objects. Some broken in pieces and some intact and the length of Rice but had the tapered ends. Appeared to be somewhat digested. Similar to the bigger one earlier but of a smaller size. I have seen these on rare occasions in the past, the last time after I took some Turmeric tincture because i was out of my capsules. I just kind of figured it was something I ate since only one appeared and was hard to see in the stool.

Later on I had nothing of interest and have not since.

I do not know if they are parasites or some other unexplained objects.

It is a very disgusting thought if they are parasites.

I am both testing for side effects and hoping for a long shot of resolving Crohn’s by eliminating a possible bacteria that triggers the reaction.

If it appears to be safe, we will use it as a possible Lyme treatment later on. Which is my main reason for testing it.

My 23 year old son wanted to take a full fifteen drop dose but I talked him down to seven. He had the big D and burning when he urinated that went away after a while. He is likely loaded with bacteria from his skin disease. He is curious like myself and is trying to find something to help his disease.


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