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Re: I am not sure if I sure be worried?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: I am not sure if I sure be worried?

hi stimpy (and hi micky, thanks for your email to my inbox!:) )
stimpy, some people do bleed a lot after the iud is taken out. For some, they bleed due to trauma, and others bleed because the hormones are going crazy and it is the hormones that control how much and when we bleed. However, the pain sounds like it is acute and yes, get it checked out asap. It could be that some physical damage has been done up there upon removal, or you could have some infection (mirena users are more prone to infections), or ovarian cyst (i have never had a cyst but others who have had them due to mirena, have said they are can cause terrible pain) so get a scan done and any other examination that can be done, to get checked out now.
Did you normally have period pains and cramps (pre-mirena)? If so, were they anything like this at all? or is this kind of pain completely new for you? for example, my normal period pains (since i was 10 years old, when i started my periods), are acute pain all down my left leg, terrible pain in my back, which feels like it is being stretched on a rack and like it is going to be pulled in 2 halves any minute, stomach pain of course and hip pains on both sides, and internally i feel like i am freezing cold and no amount of heat is enough to make me feel warm - i can have all the central heating system turned up to full lol, and be inside my bed with a thick duvet ontop of me, with my head under the covers, with 3 hot water bottles, all the windows closed, so no one else in the house can stand to be there as they cant breathe lol, and i still feel cold hehe.... so anyway, the point i want to make is, that for someone like me, if i get that kind of pain but a lot worse than usual, then i know it's my hormones and not structual damage. But if you have never suffered these kinds of pains before, even in a much lesser form, then it is definately something to get checked out. I think your idea of going to ER is a good one. explain to them that you have had your iud taken out, and ask them to ultrasound your uterus area to see if there are any cysts or damage etc and take a urine sample in case there is any infection present - often one gets a smell with infection, but not always, especially if it has hit the kidneys, and that could explain the bad back pain.
The other possibility that i can think of, is a completely different one and not related to mirena - this again, is regarding the pain, not the bleeding. I have had pain similar to what you are describing, and i had twisted two ribs over. This can easily be done, but by sitting awkwardly or while you are asleep - and one is not even aware of doing it at the time. the pain is acute and you can hardly breathe with it. I am not saying this IS the reason, but again, if they cannot find anything wrong with you in the uterus department, then it may be worth checking with an osteopath, to make sure that you have not put any ribs out of allignment. As i say, just a thought..
On the bleeding side of things, i would try red raspberry leaf tea - others have tried it on this forum and found good effects from it - it helps to tone up the uterus so if there is any inflammation there due to the irritation that mirena may have caused (or the removal of it), then the red raspberry should gradually help your system and bleeding should begin to slow down. This tea should be avoided in the first 3 months of pregnancy though, as there is some controversy whether it might tone up the uterus SO much that it may help to set off an early birth and thus cause a miscarriage. Though many herbalists are adamant that it does not cause miscarriage and that if anything it would help prevent it. however, to be on the safe side, i would always suggest that if if doubt, leave it out! at least for the first 3 months, after that, it would do you good to have it, and it would help to encourage a quicker birth which would be less stressful for a baby as well as the mum! Well i just put that in, for future reference, hopefully you wont need to think about that for a while, as your hormones do sound like they want a bit of Tender Loving Care right now. Try to make sure that any birth control method you use is free of synthetic hormones, to allow your body to start getting back to normal - it can take many many months for the body to get better, after mirena, and even after that time, many people are still having all sorts of odd problems that have only occurred since mirena was inserted. But first i would get that pain checked. Perhaps take some iron tablets to make sure you dont get low, as you are losing quite a lot of blood at the moment, and try to stick to a really healthy diet, cut out all caffeine and Sugar (as these have an adverse effect on the hormones and are more likely to make you go estrogen dominant, which causes all sorts of problems). You could also try things like B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, calcium and manganese, doses of which can be advised by your local health store. All these help with hormone balance. You may find a good strong multivitamin and mineral tablet is enough for you to start with - everyone is different, and some people need more than others. Time will tell what you need and how much, to some extent. Some people have found help with bleeding and other side effects post mirena removal, with Natural progesterone cream - this is different to the "progesterone" in mirena, which was not progesterone at all, but a chemical similar to it. Natural progesterone cream contains a molecule that is exactly identical to the progesterone that we produce naturally in the body, and generally seems pretty well tolerated by most people. However, again, you may not need this - i would take things slowly and see how you go. just remember to have patience, because the road to recovery after mirena, for many people (although NOT ALL!!)is a slow one. It would be great in fact to hear from people who had the mirena taken out a year ago and have had no more problems - so if any of you are out there, please make a new post and let us know - because many of us are still having lots of problems despite our best efforts at getting well.
I wish you luck in finding out exactly where your pain is coming from and hope things can start to get sorted out very soon for you. Please let the forum know how you get on. I am not able to be here very much these days to reply to people but i do try to pop on every so often to have a quick look! Take care of yourself, thinking of you:) Kabel. xx

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