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Im new at this-started and got real sick 2 days later
Trysten3000 Views: 2,634
Published: 16 years ago

Im new at this-started and got real sick 2 days later

Hello everyone. Im a curezone veteran but Im new to the Iodine group. I appreciate your patience with me as Im sure all this has probably been discussed before.
Well I started on Iodine on monday, one vertical drop. One drop tuesday, then wednesday I moved up to two drops, one in the morning, one in the evening. Thursday I had my morning dose, went to work, and then started feeling severely ill. Horrible headache, very bad sore throat, aches and chills all over. Just miserable, so I went home sick. I fell asleep almost immediately, which even when Im sick I dont usually do. I slept almost all evening and throughout the night. I didnt take my night time dose yesterday because the sickness was so severe and I was worried if it was a healing crisis I couldnt handle it. I cannot afford to call in sick to work.
Today when I woke up I feel much throat still hurts and I still feel ill, but I didnt feel anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Im thinking it is because I lowered my dose. Its possible it could have just gotten better, but whenever Ive had a cold or the flu, its never in my entire life gotten better that fast. Usually I get the sniffles and a cough, etc.
I also should note Im in the middle of a parasite cleanse. Ive been on the cleanse a couple of weeks, and have yet to have any problems with die off this time around {Ive done two previous cleanses with three month breaks in between}. My last two parasite cleanses I had lots of die off but I feel Im cleaner this time around. I didnt experiance any healing crisis symptoms til I began on the iodine.

But like I said, its possible it was just a virus or something.
So, do you think I should up my dose back to two drops again? Or higher? Im somewhat scared to go higher because of the severity of how bad I felt yesterday {I could barely walk or get out of bed for awhile there}.

How long is the healing reaction supposed to last? Other side effects Ive been feeling from the Iodine seem to be this weird uncomfortable sweaty clammy feeling {like feeling sweaty without being hot, if that makes sense} nausea, headaches, etc.

Thanks for any help. Its so hard to know whats best when taking my health into my own hands. I never know if whats happening is a healing crisis or if Im just killing myself.

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