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Book Of Revelations
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Published: 16 years ago

Book Of Revelations

According to one religion the book is about the different steps or phases God is taking to reveal himself to humanity. Each step or phase is called a revelation.

The first seal (or revelation) is "the Awakening of the Spiritual Forces in man. They include: Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabala, Sufism, Christian Saints, and any other path that has a direct Experience with God." This group believes each religion compliments each other instead of dividing each other, which I believe.

The second seal "symbolizes the teaching and history of the Hebrews. The whole theme of the Old Testament is that God is trying to choose a community (Children Of Israel) that accepts Him as Their God."

The third seal is "the symbol for Sacrifice (not being self-centered). After the Awakening of the Spiritual Forces (First Seal), directing our energies toward creation of The Communities Of Light (Second Seal), we will realize that a strong Godly community is only possible if people are willing to give more into the Community than they take."

The fourth seal is "the symbol for Surrendering and Submission to God."
"After we sacrifice for awhile and try to create the Communities Of Light, we may not succeed. We may have put much effort and nothing happens. We are not seeing any result. We will become frustrated and/or depressed. Or we may succeed and start feeling that we are great that we have done such a good job. That may make us become elated with a big ego. This step is to overcome these two pitfalls (either becoming depressed or egotistical)."

So so far, "awaken our Spiritual Forces (The First Seal). We direct the energies we have gained from our awakened Spiritual Forces toward the Creation of the Communities Of Light (Second Seal). We Sacrifice for the community and try not to be self-centered and selfish (The Third Seal). And we Surrender and Submit to God (Fourth Seal)."

The fith seal is "the Symbol of Universalism. Without realizing that God is Everything and the Whole universe is He, we will become narrow in our outlook of the Universe."

"So the first step (Seal) is the awakening of the Spiritual Forces. The Second step (Seal) is the formation of the Communities Of Light. The Third Step (Seal) is Sacrifice, not being self-centered. The Fourth Step (Seal) is Surrendering and Submission to God. And the Fifth Step (Seal) is Universalism, to realize God is Everything."

The sith seal is "an Elect Child of Light. Elects are those who Meditate and awaken their Spiritual Forces (The First Seal). They direct their energy toward Creation of the Communities Of Light (The Second Seal). They will Sacrifice (The Third Seal) toward this Goal (Creation of Communities Of Light), and Surrender and Submit to God (The Fourth Seal). They will become Universalists (The Fifth Seal)."

The seventh seal is "the Symbol for Pure Consciousness (Being One With God, To Be Divine). It is attainable by following the Eternal Divine Path. By Creation of the Communities Of Light, we can create an environment that many people can reach this state the fastest way possible."

"It is the Elects who will make the formation of the Communities Of Light possible. They will tirelessly work toward this Goal. Formation of the Communities Of Light the Base for His Kingdom On Earth. It is in such an environment (Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth) that the Salvation of man will be accelerated and many will reach Pure Consciousness, the Goal of Life."

"The whole Greatest Sign Reveals the Seventh Seal which is talked about so much in the Bible. Our Scripture "The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament," is based on The Greatest Sign. It is the Book in the Bible which is referred to as the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals!"

According to them we are about the receive the final revelation, phase or seventh seal of God that will bring about a "new Earth" of pure love and God awareness. This is the type of thing I've believed for a while now. The world is on the verge of a new awakening, but not before the stuff hits the fan.

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