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Re: I C L & ralph
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: I C L & ralph

You seem to get upset every time someone mentions Sylvia brown's name. When I post it is usually taken directly from the bible. I try not to use my own words. The reason you never see me say anything about Pat Roberson or any of the others that you may mention. Is because I never(notice I said NEVER)listen to any of them because I don't believe what they preach. Now don't be silly and say,how can I not believe what they preach if I don't listen to them.
The only time I see any of them is if they make the news or are on fox news. Hannity $ combs has a heavy set guy on quite frequently,and when they do I rarely pay attention to what he is saying. Another thing most of these people call themdelves reverend. I have an aunt and uncle that are ministers and they both refer to themselves as reverend. My personal belief is that NO one is reverend but GOD.
If pat is truly saying the things that you are saying that he is,then he is wrong as two left feet, No one speaks for GOD but HIS prophets. If ANYONE says that GOD told them to prophecy thus and such,and it does not come to pass. Then GOD says that he is a liar and does not speak for HIM. A prophet speaking for GOD will be right every time,not just now and then,a hit and miss,EVERY TIME. So says GOD.
I am in agreement with you about so called christians not saying something about one of thier own when they should know that something is not biblical or in a true christian attitude. But you have to remember that we are dealing with human nature. I believe you said in one of your recent post that times and things have changed from the begining,and you are correct as far as you go. But HEB.13:8 says JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAMEYESTERDAY,TODAY,AND FOREVER. So you see,it is MAN that has changed over time and not (GOD) christ. Now my question to you is, if man is better now than before? The answer is quite obvious and I will say here and now that things are going to get much worse before the get better.
After reading 1cor.11:4-6,I did not find that they were in church. It may be implied, but it is not there.The only place that I know of where hats are worn is the catholic church. Then I guess some of the Greek,Korean and others that I am not familar with may,but truthly I couldn't care less. Again,I agree with you if GOD says it and it is in the bible the we are to obey and do it. Time doesn't change things, only man.See HEB 13:8. There is beauty in that verse. If something was right in the begining,it is right now and will be right for all eternity. It will also be right for EVERY HUMAN BEING. Can you see why DAVID said OH HOW I LOVE THY LAW?
Only man changes. Mans laws are different from state to state,country to country and almost from day to day.
Sincerely I C L

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