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Full Circle

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Molly Bloom Views: 4,425
Published: 15 years ago
Status:       RRR [Message recommended by a moderator!]

Full Circle

I think I've come full circle with my natural health regiment.

The reason I came to Curezone over 2 years ago was because I was battling a debilitating case of Costochondritis, which is inflammation of the rib cartilage. For over three years I went to GP's and specialists. Costo is a diagnosis of exclusion. They check everything, pleurisy, cancer, MRI's, Ultrasounds, etc etc. When no other diagnosis is found, they end up with this diagnosis. They treat this with a variety of NSAIDs and Gabapentin (anti-seizure meds), and I was on about 4 different pain meds, each getting progressively stronger. My GP told me that NO ONE has chronic Costo, and finally, in exasperation told me that I WOULD get my gallbladder removed. When I questioned this, he said that I didn't need my gallbladder anyway, and he didn't know what else to do for me. I said NO, walked away, and have only gone back except for virulent infections that I absolutely needed Antibiotics . My husband walked away too, after suffering for decades with clinical depression. He had been on Prozac for 10 years, and was still going to bed on the weekends and pulling the covers over his head. Neither of us knew anything about natural health, and indeed had mocked those who we thought were airy fairy herb takers.

Needless to say, we were a mess. We were both overweight, physically and psychically destroyed. I was about to request long term disability. I was worried that my husband would not be able to work anymore also. We had a child in grade school. Our diets were typical American with many processed foods. We would eat low fat items, thinking we were doing ourselves a favor. We both had terrible acid reflux...and were taking at least one Tagamet a day. If I didn't have Tagamet in my purse when I went to work, I would panic.

The one diagnosis I had was a fatty liver. So I found Andreas Moritz 's book on-line called the "Amazing Liver Flush"....By then I was desperate, so I decided to try the liver flush. I was pretty scared of the whole process. I read carefully about cleansing all the organs. The rest is my very short history.

So I did the liver flush. Personally I think I was dealing with chronic constipation also. All of these things, I believe were adding to my inflammation issues.

After the first liver flush, amazingly I started to have some pain free days. It was the longest two weeks of my life before I could do another one. I think that the flush also helped relieve some of my colon problems by virtue of the Epsom Salts flush.

After the second flush, I could go for weeks without pain. I started to read...hours and hours of reading. I have over 1,00 health sites bookmarked on my computer. My husband was suffering from something strange. He had really bad breath. He had athlete's foot, that would not go away. He would sweat at night, and it smelled horrible. And this was the worst.....the sweat he seemed to be generating was causing mold on the walls near the bed. I kid you not.

I started to drag the man down this path with me. We stopped eating acidic foods (coffee stopped also). We did some liver flushes, and then we did a colon cleansing, along with a few colonics. We did a parasite cleanse. We started taking ginger and turmeric (those were our first two supplements). My pain had at long last gone away, and we started to exercise almost everyday. Soon I started weeding my husband off of the Prozac (he has been off for over a year, and has far fewer attacks of Depression that in the last two decades).

Well, about three weeks ago my Costo came back. And it was worse than before. I was devastated. But then I realized that all those things I had learned in the beginning I was not practicing like I had before. Sure we have changed many things....distilled water, Organic foods and many more vegetables and fruits. We don't eat anything white anymore. But we had stopped doing those things that were sure fire cures for us.

Most of you that know me, know that I spend all my time on the Oil Pulling forum. I know a lot about oil. I Oil Pull everyday, and I only use Coconut Oil to cook with (with occasional Olive Oil). But I have stopped eating as much oil as I used to.

In fact, I have not really been paying attention to my cleansing anymore. It's been a long time since I've done a liver flush. I haven't concentrated on my colon. I am overdo for another parasite cleanse. I don't ingest enough good EFA's like I should be doing. And I have forgotten the overwhelming benefits of Turmeric and Ginger in fighting inflammation. In a word, I've gotten lax. So lax that my arch nemesis has reared it's ugly head again. To me that means that inflammation has crept up again, and this is a very clear warning.

So, I am going to start all over again. The nice thing is that I don't have to do all the reading I did before. And I can do everything in it's proper order (Colon, Liver then Parasite, then liver again).

It is well know in both natural as well as allopathic practice that inflammation might just be one of the biggest killers of the humans body. They have linked it to heart disease, organ destruction, brain diseases - like Depression and dementia. One of your best bets is good EFA's, and by that a well balanced Omega 3-6-9.

That is why I posted here. I think that much more attention needs to be paid to inflammation and good Omegas. And for those that have just started this natural healing, be perseverent. When your symptoms go away, do not become complacent. All of this takes time. There are no magic bullets, either in natural health, nor in allopathic. The beauty of natural health however, is that all the dots are connected. Your liver, spleen, pancreas, adrenals, thyroid, hormones, colon, mental outlook....integrated into the human machine. You've heard of a "well-oiled" machine?....well that's us!

My husband and I are healthier than we've ever been.....but I think it's time to take it to another level. We've tried many many things now, some very helpful, some not. It was all hit and miss. Now it's time to take all we've learned and synthesize it to a protocol that will be consistent, the things that have worked for us personally. Both protocols will be different, because what has worked for my husband, has not always worked for me. You can't ask someone what their personal protocol is, because we are all different, with the EXCEPTION, or cleansing. Everyone needs to cleanse. It's key.

As for me....I have some liver flushing, good EFA's, a colonic, ginger and turmeric in my near future. I have to pretend I'm starting all over, but this time I will not feel fatalistic.....or paranoid.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I absolutely do not want to go back to that life of pain!~

Here is a site on Inflammation I found....I really liked this piece, and wanted to share.

Happy and Healthy Holidays everyone. Love Molly

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