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My time with MMS is running out

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Published: 14 years ago

My time with MMS is running out

Hi folks,

I've been using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement since the beginning of November 2007 and I've found many improvements have come from using it, except for my Rheumatoid Arthritis - which was my motivation for taking it.

I am going to try and become pregnant, starting next month, so sadly, I will stop using the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement in the next few days and have a month-long washout period before trying to conceive.

I'm going to take the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for three more days and try to get as high with my dosing as possible (within the 2 x 15 drops guidelines), so I'm expecting to feel pretty rough!

I've currently worked my way up to 6 drops in the morning and 15 drops at night. I seem to have far more difficulty with my morning drops than my evening ones, probably because in the evening I take it after dinner.

The fact that I can't yet take 15 drops twice a day without causing gastric distress and so on, to me means that MMS has not yet done its job. I urge all of you to take your time building up to the full strength MMS protocol. I wouldn't choose for it to be this way, but I have an obligation to my family to stop now and try and make a brother or sister for my son.

Every few days I have doubts about the MMS, but I just thought I'd note down some of the good things that have come along with it, so as to reassure myself in this final stretch.

My blood pressure and pulse (especially pulse - was 95-130 at rest, down to 65-75 now) are much lower than they were. My athlete's foot is gone. My eczema is v nearly gone (I get a slight urge to scratch once every two to three days). Probably more topical application would help. My bowels are functioning very nicely, with regular, easy to pass movements. My lungs are clearer. I'm not getting up at night to wee. I'm not waking up at night either. My concentration is much improved. I no longer get minor eye infections every week or so. I have not had a cold or illness since starting the MMS which is a complete contrast to last winter when I barely had 3 days together without illness (though this benefit will certainly stop once I stop taking it). Mt stomach ulceration has cleared up and the pain in my back has gone away! My sinuses are much clearer and I breathe and sleep easily at night because of this. Greatly improved energy (with blips when the MMS is doing its thing). My breath is much, much fresher (even my husband commented on it the other day, which makes me wonder how bad it was before - haha!). The MMS also cleared up a minor gum infection when I gargled with it. I think that's all.

What hasn't improved: I think I need as much medicine for my Arthritis as usual, unfortunately. It has occurred to me that taking the humira, anti-inflammatories and steroids may well be impeding the healing process, but I simply can't function without them - can't get out of bed or dressed or anything, and I have a toddler to look after.

Also, I can do the candida spit test any time of day and get the legs falling down into the glass and I don't think that has improved much either. In order to really address the candida, I think I'd need to cut out the Sugar altogether, and let's be honest, that's not at all what I've been doing.

So, I've accepted that perhaps I'll want to return to MMS once I've (fingers crossed, touch wood) had another baby, but until then, I have to accept that its failure to cure the Arthritis has as much with my failure to get up the the full dose (and stop the immune suppressants and eat low sugar) as any other possible explanation.

I've got three more days though, so wish me luck! I'll report back again after the weekend.

I wish all of you great success! And thanks again to Jim Humble for caring enough to share this amazing chemistry with the world!


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