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Re: My time with MMS is running out

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ldsfireguy Views: 4,103
Published: 14 years ago
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Re: My time with MMS is running out

"My blood pressure and pulse (especially pulse - was 95-130 at rest, down to 65-75 now) are much lower than they were. My athlete's foot is gone. My eczema is v nearly gone (I get a slight urge to scratch once every two to three days). Probably more topical application would help. My bowels are functioning very nicely, with regular, easy to pass movements. My lungs are clearer. I'm not getting up at night to wee. I'm not waking up at night either. My concentration is much improved. I no longer get minor eye infections every week or so. I have not had a cold or illness since starting the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement which is a complete contrast to last winter when I barely had 3 days together without illness (though this benefit will certainly stop once I stop taking it). Mt stomach ulceration has cleared up and the pain in my back has gone away! My sinuses are much clearer and I breathe and sleep easily at night because of this. Greatly improved energy (with blips when the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is doing its thing). My breath is much, much fresher (even my husband commented on it the other day, which makes me wonder how bad it was before - haha!). The Miracle-Mineral-Supplement also cleared up a minor gum infection when I gargled with it. I think that's all."

This was a great post - thank you for sharing it! One comment on this great list of reduced or cured symptoms ... I'm sure you noticed this, but almost all of these symptoms are pathogenic in origin (at least according to my understanding or intuition). So, it stands to reason that MMS would help directly with all of these, and that's great!

I'm sorry that the MMS has not significantly impacted your Arthritis - I have little ones and I can imagine how that affliction would be a trial for a mom.

You didnt mention in this post your eating or drinking regimen ... for arthritis, I think that super hydration with alkaline water, and a shift to alkaline eating are important, as are supplementation.

I suggest that you try and get a copy of Dr. Robert Young's book, either "Ph Miracle" or "Sick and Tired." In both of these, he addresses Rheumatoid Arthritis , and also talks about sodium chlorite.

Bromelain (found in pineapple) is a good, natural anti-immflatory - you can get it in supplement form, or you can blend up fresh pineapple into smoothies. Taking a lot of Bromelain may aid you in getting off steroids.

Also, I don't know if you have tried this, but get yourself a good blender, and make vegetable smoothies with organic veggies. Add in a white grapefruit for flavor ... the phytonutrients from the organic veggies should help a lot with your arthritis.

Make sure you are getting good EFA's each day ... take 2 fish oil capsules (or 2 tablespoons flax oil, or Udo's oil, etc...), 3 x per day.

If you are still eating a lot of risen bread products, or products with brewer's yeast in them, then you are still adding yeast back into the body. The toxins from those yeast very likely contribute to the deposits which possibly cause arthritis. (Oxalic Acid and Uric Acid - which can end up as calcium oxalate - both come from the type of yeast that is in breads). I know how tough these things are to give up ... but I have to face this in my own life ... eating these things will continue the symptoms that I don't want.

Here is a quote from Dr. Young's "Ph Miracle":


You must scratch all yeast - brewer's yeast and baker's and "nutritional" - and yeast-containing foods from your diet. Obviously, you don't want to be taking in pure microforms. Besides, the most common ways to get yeasts are bad for you for other reasons, too: beer and wine (double whammies, as alcohol is a danger too) and breads and baked goods (a triple whammy because of the stored grains the flour is made from and the Sugar and other simple carbs they contain)."

"Eating yeast and anything made with yeast can spur microform overgrowth and increase mycotoxins (increasing the amount created in your own body, in addition to whatever's in the product itself). If you need anything else to discourage your use, you should know that yeast food products can cause kidney stones (and stones in the liver, gallbladder, and even brain), bone deposits, osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis , kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes (in a 1990 study, all mice fed a diet containing 10 percent brewer's yeast developed diabetes), sarcoidosis, cirrhosis, and many cancers, particularly breast, prostate, and liver cancer. Other resulting symptoms include Crohn's disease and colitis."

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