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Frequency Specific Microcurrent
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Published: 15 years ago
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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Hi There, ....calling from down under in oz to other Morgellons sufferers

Last i wrote recently ,I was starting to use the Machine -
"Frequency Specific Microcurrent' -FSMC .I then went away and travelled for 3 days , then returned home last nite. That nite I did a treatment ....the black specks came out.....not as many as the previous 4 times (days prior)... what I started noticing before as well were tiny black specks within its own encapsulated bubble (sac).. I think they are the maturing "mite" in its embryonic sage. Not only that ! ....the bath also had heaps a soup ...of even more tiny microscopic particles ....I suspect the egss...coming out of every pore.
I 'm glad to say today (the next day) I had another treatment bath.
(and busy washing & zapping my clothes and sheets)
I had hardly any definate black specks ( heaps before)in the water and a lot less of the encapsulted sacs with its tinniest black speck in it). The soup is still there ...but a lot less too. I still itch and scratch a little....but not to the extent I use to ! No "bite " spots have come out ...just dead ones coming out....
I know it sounds rather shocking...that ain't half of it.
It feels great to connect with some-one who knows how I feel...and that we are not crazy. I had been in denial with Morgellons for a while and digging out my first colored fibre just hit home. It explains my health issues....trying to figure what exactly is wrong with me. It's been an unfolding for the past2 months.One thing at a time and the timing was right now for me to attack the nasty bugga's .

Some herbs SOME may consider...
Astragalus (immune),
ziziphus (nerves),
licorice (adrenals ) ... basic formula

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (boullardii) like a probiotic , aids in stabilizing of the gut linning helpng to retore balance with the immune system. 2 caps x 2day.

Cod liver oil caps,-for gut and skin vit A&D

Tried IV Vit C perhaps?

It's the nervous system overwhelming the immune sysyem and the hormonal....and visa versa
ie. Neuro-immuno-endocrine disorder...hows that ? That explained things for me.

If your having trouble getting a hold of the Lugols Iodine ...go to(find) a compunding pharmacy or chemist ...where they taylor make drugs.etc The same places that make natural (bioidentical) hormones eg natural prgesterone and estogens etc.

I hope the treatment continues to do well for is exciting and good to know I have this FSMC rid my being and body of this sci-fi like bug.

Ps I've been noticing people of late ...who scratches , where they scratch and their intensity. I think people have got it (maybe the first stages of it) and don't know they have it . I think things are just going to get worse for the generel population. The Australian Medico's are waiting for the CDC in the States to come out with something if the modern Doc and drugs and help !

I'm seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (have been for the last 6 weeks )....with the accupuncture and raw herb tea , it has helped my nerves and immune system (see my herbals above ) could also go to a herbalist and get them done in a tincture form..or go to a chinatown shop and get the raw herbs to boil a tea and drink twice a day.
Anyhow's...good Luck and ....
Wishing you well from Australia

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