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Some concerns...some questions...some conclusions...
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Published: 15 years ago

Some concerns...some questions...some conclusions...

Here goes:

I believe Miracle-Mineral-Supplement gave my teen(15) DD with an established chronic nose, chest conjestion the worst cold during her midterm exams. She was coughing up small amounts of blood as well. She later during Miracle-Mineral-Supplement complained that there was a spot in her nose that was burning inside her nose. Not the tip but on the inside of one nostril. Never had experienced this, she has never complained of this symptom or burning sensation ever before. I took her off Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . Since then she lost her cold but has developed the worst sinus conjestion she has ever had. It as if the infection has come back even worse then ever before.

Is MMS like an antibiotic?
Doctors tell us to stay on the full 10 days 2 times a day like clock work and not to miss one dose. Could the above experience with MMS be similar to not completing an antibiotic? The infection was not killed and came back with a vengence? Or the eggs were able to survive?

Now here is the clincher. My DD has requested to go back on MMS because even during her MMS cold her nose was much clearer than it is now. It is that bad! I had her on 2 drops 2 times a day. Once going up to 5 and 3 drops. After a week she at 3 drops developed D. Brought her back down to 2 Drops. She was on MMS 2 weeks total.

As for me, I(45, often undernourished basically just looking, feeling my age) am concerned because I was led to believe that MMS does not accumalate and that it is easily neutralized. I have found this NOT to be the case. I also think it kills all the good bacteria much like Antibiotics . With out going to to smelly detail things are not the same.

I also found I am incredibly sleepy and have no energy from the amount of D I had been experiencing. I got off MMS and have been loading up probiotics. My strength has resumed after all this time.

I wish I could take MMS intraveiniously like JH so as not to loose my inner strength in my stomach nor my intestinal flora, right? Or, am I wrong to suppose this? I did note that Smart water helped when I was very weak from D and nausous. Perhaps any water would have helped but I did note that after I drank the nausousness relented.

Important note: I confess to not eating enough, perhaps days not eating at all, not drinking water at all during my MMS exposure.

Shockingly, today I am back on with 2 drops. Why? My tounge turned pink and clear during taking MMS. It is still pink. My bad breath from a loose crown is STILL gone.

Another reason that i am back on is because my heart during MMS had strange but good warming sensations intermittently during the night and day. Sometimes when I would just focus on my heart area.

Not anymore. :-( I miss the feeling of warmness. Sadly, I tried running again, LOL what a difference. My heart puckered out in tiredness like pain as in 1,2,3 seconds.

Whereas when I was on MMS my thighs burned in pain, my heart and lungs were good to go! My lungs still feel very open being off MMS for a while but my heart feels like I use too. it feels old. :-(

It feels reasonable for me to say that MMS could be like getting a heart transplant for me. So, I am back on because I think it was doing something miraculous with my heart and lungs. And something miraculous with my DD chronic nose chest infection.

As for the intestinal flora, stomach weakness, and physical tiredness?
I think it a small price if MMS can rejuvinates my heart and lungs and who knows what else it was doing with me unawares?

Second time round, This time committed to not getting D and not getting nausous by staying low dose @ 24/7. This time round I will drink the water and strive to be mostly alkaline in diet with lots of green. My purpose is to rejuvinate not to cure,
My other purpose is to cure my DD of her nose infection so she can focus on the pleasures of living verses the annoyance of moving mucus around and not being able to smell. Presently she is constantly stuffed up. She use to be stuffed up only occasonally.

Keep Flushin


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