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Re: Throbbing pain months after amalagam removal

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Throbbing pain months after amalagam removal


I had a full dental revision including a 12 Amalgams removed at a huggins clinic in colorado in june 2006. I used homeopathics (hypericum and arnica) before and after, I also used Traumeel (health food store) onthe outside of my face as well as the ice pack which wraps around your jaw that they provided. I did not bruise at all and I did not take the heavy duty drugs they offered. I did take a couple tylenol when it got really bad. While we were there I also had success with Rife frequencies thru the laptop with a tone gnerator that you could download. Does anyone else have info on this??? I tried to find the information on it months later but couldn't remember where I found it. You could punch in numbers into the tone generator and my laptop would emit that frequency sound. Honestly within 1 hour I was pain free the one day- and it was really bad. By the time I got home and got on with life I forgot all about everything but then I was in excruciating pain like yourself. Huggins was off to the other clinic and the dentist that did my work was on holidays! THEN I remembered the most important thing Dr Huggins told us in theseminars . If you hurt, you arent' following the follow up protocols. And I had not been. Life was busy, I had 2 small kids, my husband needed to get back to work after we'd been away for 2 weeks...

Huggins recommends vitamin c flushes.... I think once a week for 3 weeks, then one off. If memory serves me - it's 1 tsp (about 4 grams) of sodium ascorbate (vit c) every 20 minutes until you reach bowel tolerance. The first day I did the vitamin c flush, by the time I got to bowel tolerance (which for me was about 44+grams of vitamin c!!!!!- I was completely pain free- it was awesome) There are other things he recommends, if you email me off list I can try and find some time to dig it out. Although we just moved temporarily to the East Coast of Canada and I may have left it at our other home in Ontario.... in the meantime, I think you can google and find 'vitamin c flush' instructions... Dr. Levy's website I think has it, as well as a few others. He also recommends baths in baking soda and Epsom Salts , but there is a certain protocol and order and how long and how much, again I'd have to check my notes.

The other things Dr. Huggins said in terms of gum disease, teeth etc. is that 80-90% of it in the world can be cured with a cheap bottle of peroxide and a waterpik. Hulda Clark also says waterpik and that if you have pain after your work that you do have infection somewhere, piece of food perhaps- she says most people do not stay on completely pureed foods long enough after the revision - which is an absolute must she says. I also used her bleach and Lugols right after the dental work. Still I think I laxed after the first few days because everything went so well.

the vitamin c flush protocol definately worked for me.... and I also stayed on about 10 grams of corn free sodium ascorbate (i have corn issues) a day for over a year, but you'll want to research mega dosing of vitamin c yourself before you jump into that. Every body is different. My husband can hardly handle 1 gram, my kids can handle about 8 grams, me - probably about 16 grams a day, depends on the person. Plus there are other supplements etc. that you would want to include in your diet, cautions etc. Dr. Levy's book, Curing the INcurable is pretty informative as are some websites online.

Also I was also told the pain could also be caused by an impoper bite and if you had a dentist knowledgeable in this, they could fix it. One fella at the clinic I was at, didn't have any pain, nor tooth sensitivity and was eating steak 3 or 4 days afterwards. Most of us were not that fortunate.

Good luck and I feel for you. I know what that pain feels like.



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