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I added some pre-existing questions ...

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J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine
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Published: 13 years ago
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I added some pre-existing questions ...

I added some pre-existing questions from previous surveys ...

When creating a survey... it is good to ad as many possible options, so that survey participants don't have to add options.

Most people will not come back to the same survey and will not have an option of selecting options that have been added after they completed the survey

So, the easiest way to add a new survey question while creating a survey is by taking a copy of an existing question from an existing survey.

You can see the link: "Add a Copy of an Existing Question with all options"

I just used it to add some questions that contain hundreds of different options ... it would take forever to add similar options manually ...

It is also important to think about what questions are the most important, and place those questions at the beginning of the survey.

Experience shows that with each question ... the number of participants will be decreasing ... so you definitively want the most important 3 questions to be the first 3 questions.

3 most important questions are:

1. Have you experienced any health benefits while using the product X?

2. Do you or have you regretted using the product X?

3. Have you experienced any negative symptoms or health problems (including but not limiting to detox symptoms, Herxheimer reactions, etc. ) while using the product X?

That is why you want those questions answered first, and you want answers to be as simple as Yes/No with the possibility to add explanation.

Later in the survey you can ask for a detail list of health problems experienced or improved or cured ....

When making any survey, you should always start from zero ... and make no assumptions on if "the product X" works or not ... or for what conditions.

You should also never ask survey participants to make their own conclusions on if it was Miracle-Mineral-Supplement that helped them or if it was something else.

That is why I always add a set of standardized questions: 11 - 15

11: Health? Your health BEFORE you started using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ? Have you suffered from any frequent symptoms, chronic conditions or ailments before you started using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ? If yes, please select all symptoms and ailments you were suffering from.

12: Worse? Have you experienced worsening or appearance of any of the symptoms or ailments while using MMS? If yes, select all symptoms or ailments that worsened.

13: Improvement (but not full cure)? Have you experienced any noticeable health improvement while using MMS? If yes, select symptoms that improved but are still not fully cured.

14: "Cure"? Have you experienced any "cure" while using MMS? Any physical symptoms or ailments that disappeared 100%? If yes, then please select all symptoms or ailments that apply.

15: Unchanged? Have any of your physical symptoms or ailments remained unchanged while using MMS? (Did not improve, did not get worse.) If yes, select all symptoms or ailments that remained unchanged.

By analyzing answers to those questions ... we can try to make conclusions on if a product works or not ...

With those questions, we are just collecting experiences .... we never ask participants to draw any conclusions ...
It is also far more scientific to add questions that expect no conclusions to be drawn by survey participants.

Any medical survey that expect conclusions to be drawn by survey participants is usually consicered a very bad Science ... at least when we are talking about surveys assesing potential of a single product ...

If you, or anyone else take any product or a supplement, there is hardly any way for you to tell if it works or not.

It is almost impossible to eliminate placebo or some other unknown factors when trying a supplement on a single person ... or on a small group of people, unless we are talking about problems that never resolve on their own.

Even cancer sometimes resolves on it's own ... so it is very very hard to find ailments that we can say with high certainty: Yes, I took the product X and my problem was solved as a result of taking the product X.

Malaria parasite could be one of those ailments.
So far, no medication exists that can 100% eliminate Malaria parasites from blood of an infected person.

Similar goes for viruses.

So far, no medication exists that can 100% eliminate herpes virus or papiloma virus from blood of an infected person.

That is why we also want to add questions about all other possible factors ... like medications, cleanses, herbs, other supplements, diet, climate, geography, ethnicity, age, weight, sexual orientation .... etc ...

We also want all those other questions in order to be able to analyze those who experienced severe negative reactions and see if it has anything to do with something else that they have done, taken, undertaken etc.



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