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Re: HOLD ON--A grain of salt + some skepticism on this one. EDITED
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: HOLD ON--A grain of salt + some skepticism on this one. EDITED

It is understood that one may be determined to have AIDS in an African country, then come to the U.S. and after testing be found to be AIDs free.

From the video “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS,” by Gary Null, Ph.D., the criteria they use in Africa is quite a bit different than in the U.S. One is determined to have AIDS by having four clinical symptoms. These symptoms are the same that are indicative of many other dehabilitating diseases. These four clinical symptoms are: high fever, persistent cough, loose stools for 30 days and a 10% loss of body weight over a 2 month period. In Africa, the determination that one has AIDS does not necessarily mean that a person has in fact AIDS, they could have a number of other diseases that have been around for centuries that show similar symptoms, including dysentary, malaria, collera, etc. These diseases are caused by other types of viruses, bacteria, parasites and other factors - including bad nutrition.

In America they use a different standard by testing the blood [western blot and elisa tests].

MMS can have such affects over certain diseases that show the same clinical symptoms as stated above. Whether it can actually handle AIDS in such a way is yet to be determined. So, please, it is best to hold off on any wild claims that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement can have such miraculous effects [3 day cure] on those who genuinely have AIDS.

[At 1:36:00] of the “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS,” video by Gary Null, Ph.D.,
“One of the things that is important to emphasize from the outset is the definition of an AIDS case on the African continent differs decisively from what constitutes an AIDS case say in North America or Western Europe. A defintion was arrived at as a result of a World Health Organization sponsored conference in October of 1985. What resulted is what is called the Bhangui definition. The Bhangui definition of an AIDS case in Africa is based on 4 clinical symptoms. The clinical symptoms are: high fever, a persistent cough, loose stools for 30 days and a 10% loss of body weight over a 2 month period. By that definition a Western researcher like myself has had AIDS. By having gotten on a plane and flown back to California, I’m, of course, not considered an AIDS case.
So, it is important to keep that in mind whenever one looks at the data, the epidemialogical data, about what exactly it is we are counting when it comes to AIDS in Africa.” --Charles Geshekter Prof of African Studies –California State Univ.

The idea that the pharaceuticals are able to dump their bogus, toxic drugs onto the people of developing countries is well understood probability. By generating panic and fear into the masses with regards to over-blowing the AIDS problem to include many other diseases in these countries is a huge deception in creating a new market outlets for their toxic drugs. The drugs themselves have been found to cause the same symptoms as AIDS.

It would not be any wonder that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement would appear to miraculously cure some AIDS patients in Africa because, in fact, they may not necessarily have AIDS at all!
A grain of salt and some skeptism when it comes to believing such claims.

View the video yourself.
At [41:10] of the video:
”In different countries or institutions or laboritories around the world, what the criteria that is use to define a positive Western Blot test varies considerably. That is the number of bands required varies considerably. And, here, we have on the chart several different institutions France, United Kingdom, Germany, some American institutions- the Red Cross, the FDA. And you can see by looking at this chart that just about every line is different.

Now this has some interesting implications. For instance, in Australia, which is the second line, you need four bands to be deemed HIV infected. In fact Australia is the hardest country to be deemed HIV positive. But in other parts of the world you don’t need that many bands. In the UK you need two, in some parts of America you need two, in some parts of America you need three. And in the mac study, the Multi-Asingular Covort study, up to 1999 you needed just one band to determine that a gay man was HIV infected.

This means , in theory at least, that if you were tested in New York today then flew to Australia and you had three bands in New York, you would not be postive in Australia but you would be positive in New York City. Now in a virus cannot behave in this manner. And this has what has led us to hypothesize that there is no proof that any person with a positve antibody test, no matter how well defined, is infected with this so-called "lethal retrovirus".”--Val Turner, MD, The Perth Group

“Since 1992, there is no Western Blost in Great Britain because they saw it’s a waste of money. It’s the same principle.” –Stephan Lanka, Ph.D, Microbiologist, Virologist


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