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Re: HOLD ON--A grain of salt + some skepticism on this one. EDITED

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: HOLD ON--A grain of salt + some skepticism on this one. EDITED

Due to an overwhelming dependence on government funding, they are limited by regulatory burdens and a tendency toward institutional conservatism that keeps them from pushing their research beyond accepted political boundaries.

The big problem is that the machinery is set in place to roll only in predetermined directions. The money comes with strings attached as to how it will be spent, i.e. pharmaceutical cures, 1980 definitions, terms of use etc. Donating money, even in large amounts, doesn't change the direction of how the "establishment" decides to spend the money. In fact, the large contributors, with their strings, will ensure that the top researchers, research programs and the major universties that potentially are involved will be preoccupied in focusing their efforts away from "alternative" resolutions to problems regarding public health. The masses will continue to be exploited. 

Parmaceutical corps may be contributing what seems to be quite a bit, but its all really investment to ensure the direction doesn't change. And the diseases that are really caused by poverty, or poor sanitation, lack of immunization, lack of medical services, hunger and starvation are to remain classified as HIV/AIDS diseased cases, and treated as such with bogus, toxic drugs like AZT and the like.

The U.S Government does the same thing when is "donates" aid to foreign countries, when the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund prop up failing third world economies. What, do you really think that all that money is given away without strings? Its all part of the new world order to better exploit the masses. The US is no longer a democracy, if you haven't noticed, its a corporate dictatorship... and so many dictators all lined up in a row... forever plotting to keep future growth charts and record profits the priority, and maintaining control over humanity through injection of fear and keeping the masses minimally informed is the way to best accomplish this.

I have always declined donating money to such cancer causes for this very reason. Donating money, so the machinery will remain in place... and the masses will continue to be led to the slaughter. It sounds all so righteious and holy to donate, but come on, one really is just supporting the present system of exploiting the masses... looking for love in all the wrong places! 

"…For all intents and purposes, the AIDS disease in Africa IS tuberculosis. So what the HIV theory of AIDS is actually asking us to accept is that sometime in the early 1980’s, all the traditional causes of those diseases, especially the infectious diseases, the disysenteries, and other areas: tuberculosis… which are, let’s face it, a symptom of poverty, or poor sanitation, lack of immunization, lack of medical services, hunger, starvation, were in fact replaced by HIV as the cause of all these diseases. I mean this is not an unlikely scenario." --Val Turner, MD, The Perth Group at [1:36:42] in Deconstructing The Myth Of AIDS by Gary Null.

"Where there have been good research reports, its clear that these HIV tests render a ludicurously high rate of false positives. When those tests are done among populations that already suffer from other kinds of endemic diseases, parisitic infections and malnutrition. There was a study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases done in 1994 for example, that made it quite clear that when they did these HIV tests on a population in Zaire where there was wide spread tuberculosis and leprosy, the test results in 70% of the cases were false positives. If the test results are 2 or 3% false positives, a test is basically invalid, it is useless in terms of epidemiology. Now, what exactly they would be testing positive for is another question entirely. However, the numbers of AIDS cases are run together with projections of HIV sero-prevalence, or HIV infection. Usually these tests are completed at a sexually transmitted disease clinic, maybe a hundred or 200 people are tested, where there done at an anti-NATO clinic where pregnant women are also tested. And from those samples then projections are made about the rate of HIV, the rate of HIV/AIDS. Which are customarily run together in Africa. Not only projections of HIV/AIDS of an entire country are made but, as they were at the AIDS conference in Geneva in 1998, projections can be made for an entire continent of 650 million people!" -- Charles Geshekter Prof of African Studies –California State University, at [1:37:06] in Deconstructing The Myth Of AIDS by Gary Null.



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