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Finally taking the plunge!
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Published: 13 years ago

Finally taking the plunge!

    Hi all, I’ve been reading about this for a bit over a month now. I finally got my MMS, I ordered it just after starting to read this board but it took about a month to get here.
    Started it at 3 gtts yesterday: was going to start at 2 drops but an extra one jumped in. I’m using 2 doses a day. I’m doing 4 now and I don’t know that I’ll move up from 4 for awhile. 4 drops just feels like it’s right for now. I’ll probably increase or decrease my dosage according to what ‘feels” right instead of trying to stick to a strict plan.
    I woke barely able to move today. At 1’st I thought it was because I’d finally pushed myself to go dancing 2 nights ago and I was in worse shape than I realized. This never felt true. Even though I haven’t gone dancing recently I still have my weekly lesson, plus I didn’t push myself to dance every dance like I generally do. It was also strange that I didn’t feel any pain 24 hrs. Finally it hit…it’s the MMS.
    Strengthening this thought is that after my 3’rd dose of MMS the pain in my neck was excruciating. I went to bed and now the pain is currently tolerable.
    So it looks like my initial symptoms are:
        1) muscle pain, generalized in all of my body, better on activity but the least amount of sitting causes it to return to the same level as before. I’m naturally “double jointed” & currently it feels like my hips want to come out of alignment, not a fun thing. Funny thing is I’ve had problems with other areas of my body doing this but not my hips.
    The pain is most pronounced in my neck. I generally have “knots” in by neck but after the 1’st dose I noted these areas have become much more enlarged and firmer. Generally stretching elevates my sore muscles and I’m able to work out the “knots” in my neck to some degree, this isn’t helping now.
        2) I’ve had slight nausea but I’m not sure if that was drinking the MMS or just the chlorine smell when I remove the plate. I’m very susceptible to smells.
        3) Although I haven’t gotten on the scale in awhile I’m much larger after taking the MMS. The pants I wore dancing the other night that should be baggy on me with all the activity are tight. Silly I know but putting on the last thing I wore prior to the MMS was a way for me to verify it wasn’t my imagination that I was larger. Since I haven’t been on my scale I don’t know if this is actual weight or generalized inflammation. I’m guessing inflammation because of all of the muscle tenderness.
        4) I’ve been getting cold sores one after another for 2-3 weeks now. I was fighting one but since taking the MMS they are gone. Since this is a form of herpes, I forget what simplex, I thought it might be interesting to someone.
        5) A really strange intermittent abdominal discomfort that I have no idea how to describe.
        6) An intermittent sensation that feels like something is going on around the root of my teeth. I get excellent dental exams so I was particularly surprised to feel something there.

    As to why I’m taking MMS:
        I’ve been living a monstrously stressful existence for the past 15 years, basically every time I started getting back on my feet I got majorly slammed into the dirt again. Well, a bit over two years ago I was one of the many hit by hurricane Katrina. I still have to fix my homes from this. Besides all of that drama I’ve had multiple other large things go wrong since then. Basically this stress has culminated in my going from one illness to another. For the 1'st time in my life I have a primary doctor and I see him regularly! It got bad enough that I’ve been on multiple antibiotics during the past 2 years (ie I now have systemic candida).  I used to get sick occasionally but I just worked through it, nothing stopped me. Now when I get sick I’m in bed for a week and don’t really recover for a few weeks to a few months. My general energy level is 0. Up until 1.5 yrs ago I was active and exuberant about exercise. Now I even cancel dates and rarely make plans because I have no energy.  
        So anyway, I guess what I’m getting at is that even though the stress was long term and perhaps that put a strain on my health my active physical problems aren’t. I’m hopeful that since my problems are more acute in nature my recovery will be too. Granted, I am taking into account that because of the long term nature of the stress some underlying problems could have been building that I was simply unaware of. It’ll be interesting to see where this path leads.

    I can’t say I’m a “true believer” but I’m am open minded. Reading the book is all well and good but it’s much easier to question and discount what is there. I think we’ve all seen fake gurus that make their ideas seem feasible and fantastic. It’s been really helpful to read the pro’s and con’s of peoples MMS experience on this sight. It’s much more believable when you hear results from regular people. I can honestly say that I would have simply rolled my eyes after reading just part of the book - "if it's too good to be true....."  It's reading this forum that actually made the difference in trying the MMS.

Thanks to everyone for continued sharing of what is happening in their MMS adventure!

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