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Published: 13 years ago


Good,interst already. I will get my point across.
But you see the dificulty is that we already have an M.D. named Jim who support's Miracle-Mineral-Supplement protocol. And Amanda saying my information should be on debate.
Oh and good to hear from you to Adam, I hope you are well.
Now Jim first would you prescribe medicines at a use of 1000's of time their approved dose. Especialy when the same benifit's can be obtained by using the same product that is a safe strength and at at dose rates that are safe and 1000's of times less the strength of what you currently recomend.. It does not show ignorance, just a misunderstanding of ClO2 Technology by you.
Now Amanda do you debate fact's, I don't. I know what I am talking about are the fact's. So I do not need to debate what I have to say. But I do wan't people to understand what I am saying for their own benifit of choice. ClO2 works, don't get me wrong, since Adam Abraham's show I have been inundated by people seeking more information from me. I don't care who supplies the NaclO2 they use to produce ClO2, but it must be labled according to what strength it is, and a knowlage of optimum activation curves understood. None of you have read between the lines that I just want people to understand ClO2 technology and use it and if activating do it correctly.
EXAMPLE: Correct world standard to activat NaClO2 with citric acid is as follows.
citric acid (A sorbic acid ) in it's natural form is that of a 1005 crystaline powder.
Adding citric acid to NaClO2 is done at a ratio of 1:10, This will release 20% of the available ClO2 to free ClO2 with a chlouros acid reiduale. For ease of mixing during this application all reputable suppliers supply as I do a 50% citric acid in liquid form. BUT you have to understand as we are using a 1/2 strength citric acid we add it at a ratio of 1:5. So Miracle-Mineral-Supplement use 10% citric, and following what is the world standard for this activation process it should be added at a ratio of 1:1 not 5:1 as they suggest. It is impossible to get documented ClO2 release using citric acid to activate it when you use 5 times that which is required. ClO2 the yellow green gas is not noticable after activation till you get to a few hundred parts per million. When Miracle-Mineral-Supplement people talk of seeing yellow color and the free ClO2 escaping, i guarantee you that the ppm of free ClO2 at that point is in the 1000's and because of the wrong amount of citric being used it is probaly in the 10,000's of free ClO2.
Simple point MMS contains 168,000 ppm of available ClO2, if it was activated with citric properly you would have 33,600 ppm of free ClO2, using MMS protocol which is wrong you are releasing somewhere around 60-90% of the available ClO2 so that's over 100,000 ppm of free ClO2. And the optimum Activation Curve for this activation is 10 miniutes, that means add the citric and the NaClo2 together wait 10 miniutes and add it to what ever the treament make up volume is. You see using MMS product to get 1 litre of water containing 1 ppm of free ClO2 you only need .00055 ml of MMS, and remember we now have 1 litre @ 1ppm. So if some one would like to chalange me in relation to what I am saying about proving efficasy using ClO2, I accept. If not I challange MMS protocol to prove me wrong or say hey we understand the importance of what you are saying now Bruce. Look the differnce betwen activation using lemon juice instead of citric to activate MMS is a difference of around 50,000 ppm. So you tell me when you are told to use it at 1 ppm and you can use this if you don't have this to activate it and you have a 50,000 ppm variable in that recomendation who takes the responsiblity. MMS recomendations are that equal to sand blasting your cars to repaint it when all you need is some touch up paint to fix stone chips.
Fact Jim Humble did not invent activation of NaClO2, I had been working on it years before he came along, International Dioxide in America could probably lay claim to fist woking with a safe srength of NaClO2 back in the 70's. Jim has not learned from the ideas he got, or he would see where he went wrong. I am happy to assist anyone with application advice but will not make theraputic recomendation's specific to any application for the oral use of ClO2. But I will say MMS recomending a dose of 1ppm of free ClO2 will show good health benifit's is true. But I could achieve this by simply adding 3.4 ml of MMS to 500 ml of water and use it as an oral rinse twice a day without any activation at all. When I recomend something at a ppm usage I explain how you can test the free ClO2 yourself confirming your desired usage is right. I have an electronic ClO2 colorometor test kit that reads free ClO2 and residuale ClO2 up to 10,000 ppm, using MMS protocol of activation I have not once been able to get an acurate reading as the concentraions being recomended are over 10,000 ppm free ClO2. Regards #89541 response, these are not my opinions they are the facts and I'm happy to help anyone get a better understanding of the closest thing to snake oil available in the world today. (By snake oil I mean cure all).
You see this method and technology of producing ClO2 from sodium chlorite was only developed in the 1970's but ClO2 was discovered in 1811, gaining new approvals for use every day in most countries it's potential is unlimited, but will alway's be limited to understanding the technology and activation process.
I have 4 questions for the MMS brains trust, using your protocol at 10 drops of MMS (around .5 ml) and ativate properly with citric acid what is the PPM of free ClO2 i have just produced, doing the same again using tomatoe juice whta is the ppm of free ClO2 and finaly do the same again using lemon juice and vinigar, I know, so now justify to me dosage of 1 ppm. Actualy, can anyone give me the answers, or you tell me the amount of MMS you are using and what you activate it with and I will tell you the concentration you are putting in your body. People also don't be fooled by MMS claim's it only attacks the bad in the body, ClO2 is not selective, it will kill all the good bacteria as well as the bad, and use up the acid's we require in our stomach as well. Look Jim/Adam, Amanda, and Dr Jim three is a big differance between a Biosat (Stabilizer) and a Biocide ( killer/murderer). I wish I had Adam's show to do again as I believed people had investigated ClO2 and had a better knowlage of what they would put in their system, giving them a choice to overdose or just detox, not overdose because of someone's unwillingness to understand what they are recomending.
So come people let's use Chlorine Dioxide and enjoy it's benifit's, but do it safely,
would the MMS brains trust like to tell me that MMS is not an Industrial strength chemical, and not stronger than the standard world wide stength supplied for applications such as minning, pulp and paper bleaching, textile industr etc etc.
Of course it is, but I want to hear you say it. Then justifyit by saying, but we only use drops, well drops of MMS compared to all other equivellant products for the same applications as recomended by MMS for health (oxydrops,, ox-e-drops, stabilized oxygen, odorXit, pristine, oxy-response, clo2 drops etc, etc, etc,) use a safe strength. Everyone of them use a strength approved as non hazchem or dangerous goods of %5 NaClO2 or less, and amazingly not one will or does make any recomendation about activation of their safe strength product, but you do to an Industrial strength one. Some even go to the point of telling you if you are taking orally the natural gut acid's do the activation required, and do not wash down with a juice that is acidic as further activation will take place that could cause problems.
How about some support from those that do know what they are talking about regarding ClO2 technology, I'm not the first to raise concerns, but I will now certainly be the last to stop raising them.


I'm looking over your documents you sent...

How did Jim Humble (in your opinion) get on the "wrong" track? -- after all he is a chemist.. I don't think he's wrong -- because he's getting results, but you may have a better product?

and did your studies start before his or did you just improve on his studies? (I have a friend who was trying to get us to take the 31% sodium chlorite about 7 years ago, but it did not feel right and he did not have test subjects. This friend is now buying MMS from me.)

and I like marketing... Jim does have a good story about using the stabilized oxygen in South America treating the mine workers for malaria.

QUESTION: If you had an elevator ride with me -- in two minutes could you tell me why your product is the better product? Why should I take yours?

easier to take
works the same or better


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