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lung/heart/panic attack AFTER NAET???
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Published: 14 years ago

lung/heart/panic attack AFTER NAET???

Hello there.

I had my first NAET treatment 2 weeks ago. I haven't read the book yet, I ordered it online but it hasn't arrived yet. This doctor did not tell me to read it first. My children were in the room with me, he shone a light on the back of my neck, on the vials and did muscle testing as well as finger stuff. He didn't do the top 10 or whatever it is I read about and Iwasn't told to avoid any foods for any period of time. He muscle tested me through each box to determine what I was having a problem with. Calcium was a big one, as it was for my 3yr old and 6 yr old too. Despite my knowledge of alternative modalities- I am baffled and he is not a chatty person and I am not sure I will return. He must be in his 60's, an ND and a chiro. I checked his credentials on the website and he seems to have taken 6 or more courses, a couple of advanced etc. After reading the open letter to the public on the website I asked this doctor if I should have read the book and if 'they all followed the same protocol'. He said sure if I like, and yes, they pretty much follow similar things, but that he's been doing desensitizing long before this doctor and he has modified it somewhat that is more effective for him.

My delimma is this. AFter my first treatment I hurt so much the next day, I thought I had been run over by a bus! back, shoulders, neck, lungs, stomach! phew. I assumed it was because of the chiropractic adjustment and had decided we would find a different practitioner for that but stay on for the NAET. Then after 4 days I ate a bunch of my kids 'gummy bears' and next thing I know my heart is racing off the charts (unusual for me, I amusually low) and I end up in emerg because I think I am having a heart attack, my heart felt like it was in a vice, it hurt really bad, I had trouble breathing, dizzy, could not slow the heart rate down etc. The hospital said everything looked fine and suggested a sedative for my 'anxiety'. Not to say we don't have alot of stress in our lives right now all of a sudden and I am a worrier, but this is just out of the blue! Then it happens 2 more times. I eat 95% unprocessed foods and organic meat and veggies when we can find it. I've been gluten free, corn free, soy free etc. for years because of my kids. We juice, sprout, dehydrate, eat lots of raw foods etc. Both times I felt the anxiety attack coming on, I ate beef. I think I remember him mentioning something about having a problem with protein.?? But I also think I might have worn Burts Bees lip balm/stick on those days too. I don't usually wear makeup at all.

So with a couple of homeopathic remedies, then some herbal tinctures, ozone therapy and teas and Radiance Reiki I was able to get a handle on it and within 2 weeks I felt pretty great. The anxiety in my head comes from the pain increasing in the lung//heart area and me thinking I have lung cancer or heart disease or that something is 'wrong' with me and we are thousands of miles from home with 2 small kids, living in the middle of nowhere with my husband now working 6 days a week 12 hr days. sigh. Last wednesday was the last time i had a 'problem' and the heaviness in the lung/heart area had virtually disappeared.

THEN I went for my 2nd treatment. Keeing in mind it NEVER dawned on me the NAET might have triggered this because at this point I am still waiting for the book. Bam! 1-2 hours after the treatment my head is pounding, and I was cranky beyond belief. So much for the awesome day. I had been feeling AWESOME the day before and the day of - and I mean awesome! By that night at exactly the same time I feel the ache and the heaviness getting worse and I warded off the panic-it is not easy, but the aches and heaviness and somewhat of trouble breathing has continued. It is scary. When I awoke this morning I ACHE ALL OVER- JUST like last time and yet I did not have the chiropractic adjustment yesterday, just the NAET. From one side to the other all across my lower back is so painful, all across my bra line (I don't wear one) for about 4" just aches, my neck, my left lung/heart area and even my right lung today. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???? I called his office and left a message, I was out when he returned my call, but he said to call him tomorrow or at home in an emergency.

A friend back home has been doing NAET for over a year. She had so many allergies i swear she was eating 6 things only per day because she was so allergic, on puffers and steroids for her asthma etc. She says she can eat things she hasn't eated since she was a girl and she's off alot of her meds. When I spoke to today, she said she gets very sick after her treatments and especially the one for plastics. She checked her notes from a year ago and it says she had chest pain, stomach pain and she went to the ER after one of her NAET treatments!! Others she indicates not feeling well- she says for some she is typically sick for a whole week afterwards. She doesn' recall going to emerg and was suprised at her notes. her practitioner from my understanding is quite thorough and does follow ALL the protocols and uses accupuncture as well.

Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on with me?

thanks for reading this far!


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