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I'm 100% cured of fecal odour/leakygas
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Published: 14 years ago

I'm 100% cured of fecal odour/leakygas

Hi allÖÖAfter 6 months of fighting this treacherous disease I am happy and proud to announce that I know longer suffer from fecal odour/leaky gas. I have genuinely defeated the demons of this devastating disease.

I am 26 years old male, and suffered with this for four years, went from partying having loads of friends and getting lots of girls, to being alone on the couch too scared to leave my house because of the fear of ridicule.

Now my smell from what I understand was at the serious end of thingsÖ.pretty bloody potent. Enough to clear a room and I got the usual comments like ĎWho shat themselvesí.

This is not an easy ride to beat this, but if you can be totally dedicated to sticking to the diet I believe we can all get better from this. The sad thing is though, the weak minded wonít make it. Itís harsh but itís the truth!

For 6 months I stayed on the Candida diet, being as strict as possible and concentrating on eating as many green vegies as possible (I think they are the keyÖthink probiotics) I also took my anti-fungals religiously along with a digestive enzyme, fish oil capsules and a multi-vitamin. Progress began very slow, but it was obvious something was going on when I could see white flakes and transparent things in my bowel movements. At times I began to wonder if anything was even happening, because progress was so slow. But the key is, to not doubt your self. Just keep going no matter what.

Each day my goal was to add a piece to the puzzleÖ.whether it being going on a huge run or skolling a disgusting vegie shake. It all adds to the finished piece and in the end, this is what will bring you success.

Forget about the %§#&!ß-miracle cures, THERE ARENíT ANY! Stop wasting your hard earned money on things that donít work. People are willing to take advantage of people like us who are emotionally unstable, which brings me to the next mini topic.

Beating this is one hell of an emotional rideÖ..there will be some highs and also plenty of low points along the way. Because all of us are suffering with toxic blood, our organs are basically getting manhandled from it Ė as all sorts of crap filters through our kidneys, liver, pancreas etc. This means we are susceptible to stress, get easily fatigued and are often very emotional and confused. The by-product of Candida die-off is also totally nasty to the brain. It can turn you into a complete mess overnight. You will have days where you are negative and canít picture the finish line will be upset, crying or just canít get out of bedÖ.this is totally normal. Die-off is bad shit!

My bowel movements are the only thing that I would say arenít 100%, and I would also agree that I havenít ridden the Candida/fungus 100%, BUT I AM CERTAINLY SMELL FREE. From the things I told my doc he seems to think the fungus/candida is in my pancreas, so he has given me some meds to try and eliminate this. Everything we are suffering from is very vague, so I was very impressed when he got out his books during my appointment and we talked through it to better understand it. Incidentally, mark my words, there is def a relationship between the smell and the liver, and possibly kidneys/pancreas. When I did my second liver flush, the next day I turned slightly yellow and the smell was being emitted in public again. What does this say. The by-product of Candida is after all alcohol, and we all know what too much alcohol does to the liver. Makes sense!

For me personally, I gained an exercise addiction throughout my fight, and I will exercise daily for as long as my body lets me. For the first few months I would do cardio three times a week, but at the end it was more like every day. I would push myself further and further and my fitness levels went through the roof. This was perfect, as it enabled me to sweat out all the dirty toxins in me. I consider this one of the most important things in beating this stinking problem. The only thing is with exercise is, it makes you tiredÖ..always have a good sleep after and drink loads and loads of water every day. This goes without saying though.

I also couldnít have done without the support of a special friend who gave me support through my ordeal. I canít thank her enough. The thing is, for so long I told NO ONE except my family, who pretty much thought I was tripping to an extent. Well they supported me, but they did think I was obsessive and paranoid about it. The day I told some of my friends and this special girl, was when I reckon my mind allowed me to push forward. You cannot bottle this upÖ.your friends will think you are a weirdoÖ..and the funny thing is they will understand what you are going through and will be there for you no matter what. If they arenít true friends you will find this out.
The isolation is one of the biggest problems with this disease. Believe me when we say we have been to hell and back, it is so totally true.

The best thing is if you can beat this, you can do absolutely anything in life. It gets easier from hear on in. Of course you still play it safe and follow the diet. But now for me life is about to be amazing. I got through my friends wedding and even got asked on a date by a girl who seated at my table, the times have changed, and it feels good.

So there you go, for everyone who has given up hope or contemplated suicide, YOU CAN BEAT THIS, I HAVE PROVED THIS. And to the people who have actually taken their own lives because this, I wish you could be with us all now, to see that there is a solution.

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