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Oxygen and high blood pressure- long post-
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Published: 15 years ago
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Oxygen and high blood pressure- long post-

Hi Folks:-),

I am short of time on this web these days (Pretty frustrating), so please forgive me if this post comes across as terse or too pointed- It is not meant to be. I have a very long technical background, so especially when I am short of time I can sound very pointedly direct, or overly definitive. That's not where I am coming from- I just want to get this out.

Unfortunately, it will still be a long post-

I have found several documents in my own study over the last several days that brought up an interesting point. I am posting this as *additional info which others may want to investigate*, and if I had high BP (I do not), I'd be checking this out..

Here goes:

Our bodies use Oxygen to fuel the vital functions, and uses Oxygen to neutralize overacidity as well. When the physical system is acid, the body's *ability to transport Oxygen* is impaired.

In an effort to get enough Oxygen through the heart and thence to and through the lungs (To revitalize and re-Oxygenate the blood) the body in its wisdom speeds up blood flow through the heart. It does this by increasing the blood flow rate so that enough blood may reach the lungs to re-Oxygenate as much as possible the starved blood. However, acid-impaired blood is not able to pick up and carry enough Oxygen to handle both vitalizing and detox, due to the body's acid imbalance impairing the 'carrier' function.. In order to increase blood flow, the BP is raised.

Since Oxygen is one of the fuels the body uses to alkalize *and* to burn up its systemic dross, and since the body system is already short of it (and in addition to this, not getting enough new Oxygen in), the residual acid state is left wholly or partially uncorrected and the body, which must prioritize, must feed the tissues (brain, vital organs, etc.) first before it can use any of that Oxygen to dissolve and eject systemic or stored acid.

The point-> it looks from some of my reading as if you were to *add* Oxygen input to your body, the burden of 'transport and detox' is assisted and the BP may be able to come down, in addition the detox function will be better able to happen because of the greater availability of Oxygen.

So far I have found that the best ways to add Oxygen input seem to be:

a.) Breathe better. However, if the body is already overacid and function- and diet-impaired this may not be enough.

b.) Food grade H2O2. This leaves some chemical leftovers which must also be eliminated.

c.) Ozonated water, which seems (on paper @ least) to be the best solution so far.

I want to throw these possibilities out here for everyone's consideration.

I am not debating.

This post is to be regarded as "possible additional information, and leads to track down" for those who wish to do it.

I unfortunately do not have actual links to post, as I only accidentally wound up looking at this question on this forum this AM.

So why am I posting at all?

1.) In order not to be withholding information **which may help someone.**

2.) Because you never know when the right piece of information may save someone's health or life. is one of the websites I have been reading on, and my recollection is that you will find corroborating info to this post there.

If I come up with actual links, I will come back and post them.

I do recall that Dr. Hulda Clark reported in one of her books that ingesting Ozonated Olive-Oil could produce a very fast lowering of BP also.

Good Health to All of Us,

Ladylove :-)
Sherlock of the Web :-)


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