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Re: The Auto-immune Disorder of the Soul

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: The Auto-immune Disorder of the Soul

"I believe that the mind affects and infects the soul."

I really did not bring this up for a debate. Just pointing out that what a person says reveals the depth of their insight which they are claiming to have.

For example, you say "I believe that the mind affects and infects the soul", this tells me two things about you, jhf: (1) that what you say is not your existential understanding, but only a 'belief' that you have… And a belief is something borrowed. It is not an existential understanding. It does not come from one’s own experience. If this is your belief, then I will not argue with you. I thank you for your honesty in saying that it is your belief.

(2) The second thing that this tells me when you say, "I believe that the mind affects and infects the soul." From this I gather that you also must be a follower of the philosophy of Rene Descartes, like most of the rest of the world. For this kind of thinking is also a deep conditioning.

Because his philosophy has been widely adopted across the world. It has a tremendous impact over every person's life, and on such a grand scale... It is because Descartes logic is used as the basis for the education for the youth of this country and pretty much the whole rest of the world as well... Educational institutions are central for conditioning the youth of this society all societies! And that conditioning goes quite deep... it is a very deep hypnosis and very difficult to come out of... Most remain hynotized from this for an entire lifetime. And because of the wide acceptance of this logic by most all of what makes up the world order, the world has come to be standing on its head!

To refresh your memory about who Rene Descartes was: He was a highly influential French philosopher, mathematician, scientist, and writer. He has been dubbed the "Father of Modern Philosophy". He tried for years to prove by written argument that God exists. He nearly drove himself mad trying to make this proof. It simply is not possile. Descartes, at the very least, was a psychotic… and, today, the world is dominated by his philosophy! Hence, the world at large has become a psychotic mess.

If you recall it was Descartes who uttered these words, "I think therefore, I am." Now the whole of western civilization... the whole of the present world order [new & old] is built upon this way of thinking. Descartes’ philosophy has entrenched this world into the quagmire that exists today …it is basically the reason why, in this world, people have such a masochistic view of themselves... Sacrificing their bodies for some idea that they have in their heads about running after wealth, fame, happiness... and all the while the body suffers ...the misery continues...

If you look at this statement, the way he has constructed the phrase "I think, therefore I am", it puts ‘thinking’ as the prerequisite to ‘being’… ‘Thinking’ is greater than ‘being’… This is like saying the thoughts about love or about god… about the soul… are greater than love itself …greater than god Himself… greater than the soul, itself. This is absurd... It is insane! This logic basically declares that the mind is above being, that mind is the Master and "being" has a lesser role.

You have also said in your previous post:

"The article is confirmation of why one should meditate, daily affirmations, Law of Attraction practice, prayer, etc. This should help us transform our health/mind relationship into something more cooperative."

If you stand by what you say and throw in "I believe that the mind affects and infects the soul." Which is supportive of Descartes I think therefore, I am." Then what you are really saying is: "The article is confirmation why one should think about meditation, think about daily affirmations, think about Law of Attraction practice, think about prayer, etc." Because thinking about these things is greater than actually meditating… etc. Is that what you are about, jhf? ...that you don’t really meditate but you just think about meditating? And that you don’t really do these other things and just think about them? I am not trying to put you on the spot but it is something you should really ask yourself.

"I am, therefore I have a possibility to think…" now this would put the world right side up. This simple change, if it were to be ingrained into the human psychology through education, this would no doubt fix many, many problems.

What would this imply?
This would mean that "being" is greater than ‘thinking’… Or, to say it differently: It means consciousness is greater than thoughts … And, intelligence is greater than intellect...
...The soul is greater than mind…
That godliness is greater than ego… that Love, or being "in love", is greater than thinking about love…or thinking about being "in love".

It is understood that one cannot be convinced by any words that can be said with regard to what soul is. Any experience of the soul is confined to it being a subjective experience. There would be no hard evidence that one could possibly come away with to show to others. There can be no logical debate to be had because words and reality are in different dimensions that run askew to each other, there is no place that they really ever meet. Words can only be used to provide an indication of what is attempted to be conveyed.

I can only say that if one were ever to come to experience the profundity of what soul is, then to call something "the auto-immune disorder of the soul", would have the same absurdity as Descartes saying I think therefore I am, i.e.‘thinking’ is greater than ‘being’.

Sorry but i feel Lynn Jerhiico is giving this article the title to make an impact, to catch clients. She bills herself as an intuitive and a generalist (a knowledgeable type), placing herself in a position to guide those that are trying to put things in the proper order. It is because of her position of placing herself to have influence over others is why she needs to be challenged on the title of this article. There is a possibility that it may affect some people negatively and delay their being able to proceed to higher levels of understanding. It is felt that the woman also does not really meditate herself... But only thinks about meditating.

Best regards, turiya


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