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The message of the GOSPEL ('Great Commission' is GOSPEL, not the WHOLE bible) is how to introduce The Lord.
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Published: 13 years ago
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The message of the GOSPEL ('Great Commission' is GOSPEL, not the WHOLE bible) is how to introduce The Lord.

Below is a copy of the post I wrote the other day. The Lord put it in my mind that His saving grace is being complicated tremendously by the modern churches by the many 'doctrines of condemnation' percieved in the whole bible and all the chosen 'interpretations' of 'scholars', young inexperienced Christians, pastors, and carnal 'denominationalists'.

There should be no INTERPRETATIONS of PRINTED MATTER (we can INTERPRET dreams and tongues), but not scripture (it has only one meaning, it should be UNDERSTOOD,...Proverbs, GET UNDERSTANDING).

So, the problem is that whatever you SAY in 5 minutes or so is always going to be followed by some other attitudes/opinions of many who have different motives (partisanship) and are not necessarily sincere.

The solution would be to teach Godly PRINCIPLES (which likely will never be taught at all)...

If the listener has a sincere bone in their body, they will take what they heard from you and develop by learning from THE LORD (the SPIRIT provides growth) instead of learning conflicting and carnal attitudes from the ego of those who claim to walk with The Lord.

The message needs to contain an emphasis on LOVING GOD (undying dedication to Him) instead of just TRUSTING/faith (faith, hope, love...which one is GREATEST?). God is LOVE, not faith). Job had undying dedication (the book of Job is a LOVE story).

The message should also emphasize that The Lord wants CONSCIENCE/SELF in a PERSONal relationship (with a person's IDIOSYNCRASIES/querks to make it a GENUINELY personal relation, God also wants a personal relationship with each of us). Therefore, a caution that "self abasement" is a false and misguided teaching would be a great blessing to add to the message.
--------------------This is my post from the other day.

The identity crisis of Christianity prevents a true love relationship and offers a distorted view of what love really is.

I'm convinced that the most common personal problem in the world is the identity crisis. It keeps us from being conscious of who we really are (realizing and establishing a "SELF").

Not being able to discover/establish who we really are prevents us from BEING that person (being who we really are) so that "WE" can be a unique and separate person with a 'personal' relation/devotion. There is a conflict between our emulation of "I am who I am" and our learning of "self abasement" (Colossians 2:18 and 23).

This causes all kinds of problems because we will not be able to relate to reality PERSONally, we won't be able to relate to strangers, acquaintances, friends, or lovers personally.

This has a very subtle and unrecognized effect on the subconscious, but also a multi-faceted effect on everything we do, think, and feel (emotion and sensation, "pain" is an "emotion").

Since "attitude is everything" (semi-popular expression which is neglected), it is the emotion of insecurity/low self-esteem that causes pain (otherwise we could simply feel "sensation" when we get hurt).

Humanity (as a whole and as individuals) has never really accepted or felt comfortable about being imperfect . Humanity has always been very prudish about properness/propriety (desiring to be better than the other person by berating them) for the sake of VAIN ego, and perhaps also, depending on the individual, redeeming a 'seared' conscience.

So, it is largely for the sake of VAIN ego (many good deeds are done because we have an ego, but VAIN ego damages our humanity and harms others) that we lose touch with who we really are. Technically, this betrayal of self is poetic justice, but we don't realize it as betrayal of self because we were taught by previous generations that didn't recognize that they themselves surrendered self to "vain ego" ("all is vanity", Ecclesiastes 2:17).

Our creator gives wise counsel (good advice) and insight concerning human nature and reality/life, but humanity has always chosen to FEAR Him as though He is a taskmaster, and substitute "commandments" and "commands" for His wise counsel, but there is no longer a law of commandments or a law of commands, we are now under the law of liberty (James 1:25 and 2:12).

Humanity never did truly understand God because of our 'self abasement'.

This world certainly is not 'user friendly' (with all it's corruption, resentment/hatred, wars, etc.) and that alone is enough reason for depression, but add to this a 'loss of SELF', and it becomes virtually impossible to discover the cause for one's own depression.

After acknowledging God's strangely curious name ("I am who I am"), I began to do more introspection "in my inmost self" (Romans 7:22). I found myself and was rewarded with a more personal relationship to the creator, but also found the true understanding of Him that no person on earth should want to reject. My current understanding of scripture (I've been a Christian for 22 years) is so utterly different than was ever taught (scripture is not the word of God, it is the "word of truth", 2 Timothy 2:15, Ephesians 1:13, John 14:6, and Ephesians 6:17). It is the INTRODUCTORY doctrine of Christ that "babes in Christ, men of THE FLESH" need to learn for SELF discipline, etc. (Hebrews 6:1, 1 Corinthians 3:1).

In the last days, "...I will pour out my Spirit"…Galatians 5:16 and 25, ”walk by the spirit”…”NEITHER thirst”, Revelation 7:16..

This is very important information for all of humanity. The Lord wants to teach us "the depths of God" (1 Corinthians 2:10), but we/self have to want and be ABLE to listen/hear ("My sheep HEAR my voice", John 10:27).

Mankind always very conveniently replaced the three gifts of God's grace to humanity (creation, salvation, Godliness teaching of the spirit) with the teachings/protocols/rituals of the sixth day creation (the spirit of 666). The cover of the New King James Version has a logo (God never used a logo) with 3 points and 6 lines (very representative of the contents)..

God is “one”, (Galatians 3:20) and in Jesus lies the “whole fullness” of God, (Colossians 2:9).

The god of confusion has always blinded humanity (lest we "have eyes to see" and "ears to HEAR". Satan's first strategy is "self abasement". Without a "SELF", there can be no true PERSONal relationship (no "matter of the heart", Romans 2:29). God should no longer be called "Jehovah", etc., His name FOREVER is "I am who I am" and the only way to truly relate intimately to Him is to imitate "I am who I am" as His offspring (SELF is NECESSARY).

Man's doctrines of 'COMMANDS/SIN/LAW/TEXT/FAITH' yield nothing of the heart. My dad never "commanded" me, he never had to, I wanted to do right. He taught me well and offered me all his wise counsel (scripture is wise counsel for those who choose to learn). He wasn't particularly bothered when I sinned against PROPRIETY (dress codes, codes of etiquette, table manners, etc.), but he taught me not to sin against PEOPLE (because that would cause them consequences, pain and SUFFERING). Sometimes, my misdeeds didn't really cause physical harm, but my actions just weren't right (like the prodigal son, that was a sin against HEAVEN), yet there was no physical harm to heaven. It was the dad of the prodigal son who was the true VICTIM (in which case, it was the victim's right to react by serving either a penalty, or overlook the offense with loving kindness).

The person at the well (women are more likely to desire the finer things in life",…"living water") more easily recognized God's saving grace than the disciples (who still called Him "Rabbi") and also desired to drink of The Lord's spirit (tears of sorrow compassion, John 7:38, Revelation 7:16), which The Lord taught in His sermon (Sermon On The Mount) .Coming to The Lord out of hunger and simply eating of the bread of life is not what makes a GODLY Christian, it is that we should learn from God's eternal spirit how to divide/distinguish between good and evil/wrong so our conscience will also be purified (Hebrews 9:14).

When we develop/acknowledge a CONSCIENCE, we divide CLEARLY between right and wrong/evil (as with a sword) so that the "change" from good to evil is clear and abrupt with no middle ground ("no variation or shadow due to change"). We must drink of His spirit that our conscience can also be purified (by rejecting conscience, some people make shipwreck of their relationship). Jesus did not come to bring peace on earth so that everyone could simply feel comfortable continuing to do whatever they wish, He came to produce a division in our hearts and minds between right and wrong.

We should be transformed into a new creation by the renewal of OUR MIND (a SELF is necessary for this). It is impossible to think with only the HEART (a "mind" is formed by a "self", “in my inmost self”, Romans 7:22, the mind controls the heart, Romans 12:2).

Faith should be borne out of LOVE ("the GREATEST of these", 1 Corinthians 13, the LOVE chapter has always been largely ignored, but God is LOVE). I am not a God-FAITH-er, I am a God-LOVER. I have faith in the laws of physics, but I don't love them. People always say "I don't know if I would have the faith to do what Job did", but it's not about faith. The book of Job is a LOVE STORY. I don't love the bible, I love God.

In Mark 12:30, God is not telling anyone to love Him (love cannot be made a rule or legislated, and can only be freely given), He is telling us to use every fiber of our being to love Him (leaving no room for fear, 1 John 4:18, Isaiah 29:13). Unbelievers should learn to fear not having The Lord in their life (the fear of God is only the BEGINNING of true wisdom), but once we come to know The Lord, our love should make us a "friend" of God (like Abraham was).

God constructed scripture so that conscientious and just people would be able to receive the spiritual message, but those of reprobate mind would "see but not understand". Nothing in scripture is happenstance/random occurrence. All events in scripture happened exactly as they were supposed to and were recorded the way they were supposed to so that we could learn from those events and words if we choose to. Even the crucifixion happened as it was supposed to (so that the unjust have will choose the controversy of where to place blame), but those who are just and Godly will realize that it was the crowds who rioted when militancy was encouraged by humanity's 'mob mentality' (666).

Adam and Eve ate of the tree of conscience and we need to learn to use that knowledge properly (Hebrews 5:14).

Our relationships should NOT be identical to each other, they should be PERSONAL (with all of our idiosyncrasies, habits, attitudes, shortcomings, etc.) so that "God may be everything to everyone" (1 Corinthians 15:28) and so that He can also have a personal relationship with us.


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