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Re: So WHY are YOU pointing out nothing but faults on this poster?????
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: So WHY are YOU pointing out nothing but faults on this poster?????

In order for a person to have a truly personal relationship to God, they have to first have the principles of TRUTH (a dedication to 'truth in communication'), be dedicated to doing only what is JUST, and have a clear sense of what is right and what is wrong (Ephesians 5:8 and 9).

I know your tactic of constantly deciding at each point in a conversation what the issue to be discussed should be, thereby always changing the subject in order to avoid having to take responsibility and be accountable for what you actually said previously.

I also know the tactic of making statements/posts to other people in order to make comments about me in the hopes that...
1) you will be able to disclaim responsibility for an attempt to ridicule me.
2) be able to make the claim to your conscience and an audience that you made no attempt to "point out" or berate me.
3) disguise your "accusations" as simple innocent 'comments' made to another person (even though they did not REQUEST your 'highly valued' opinions).

Self righteousness DEMANDS anonymity and safety from accountability. As long as you continue to hide from accountability and conscience, you will never be able to offer a true 'SELF' to The Lord ("self abasement"). By rejecting conscience, many people have made shipwreck of their personal relationship to God. God is light, and our devotion/relationship must be "in my inmost SELF" (Romans 7:22)...

The original issue/topic you and I differed on was not...
..............Your PRIVATE interpretation of a verse (there should be no "private"/personally biased interpretation)...

You are very oriented towards confrontation and meaningless controversy. All you can understand is "playing games", shame, guilt, blame, and the things that are not of heaven. If you rather simply 'play games' instead of take things seriously, and pursue things that are not of God, but of the FLESH instead (FEELINGS/emotions), then you will never be able to fully realize "truth" John 14:6)...

Adam and Eve ate of the tree of conscience, and the only way the conscience can be properly redeemed is by learning from God's spirit...

and for that you have to drink of God's spirit so that you neither thirst anymore (Revelation 7:16) and can have the present heaven in your heart and mind.

Don't laugh everything away like it's a "game" and pursue silly controversy denying objective truth, understand the 'sorrow' caused by "pointing out" (be "poor in spirit" about the consequences you cause other people)...


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