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Re: The Root Canal Factory

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: The Root Canal Factory

Laura - Thanks, but given how over the top the whole experience was, the story tells itself. Kudos for refusing vaccinations for your loved ones. Don't worry about not being liked, con artists always treat those that are on to them with contempt. Believe me the contempt in the air could have been cut with a knife as I left the dental office.

The doctor experience actually WAS amazingly similar. This is a local doctor that at best I saw once every five years until he started treating me for high blood pressure. He never in the past called me unless I called the office first.

This time, his office has a new policy that it won't renew medications without a scheduled visit. Given that most of their "medications" are supposed to be for life - forcing you into frequent and pointless office visits in addition to the lifetime dependance on outrageously priced chemicals is amazing hubris all by itself.

So when I needed a refill (just can't get all the way off my BP meds) I called his office. I tell the receptionist that I need a visit to get a refill on my meds. She says I'm overdue for a physical and will need to schedule four time slots.

Since I'd raised my healthcare deductible as high as possible, I didn't care to shoulder the $800 that the worthless physical would cost - especially since I had a very thorough one a couple years ago. So I said "No thanks, for now I'll just take the regular appointment." She answers back "No, you really need to do the physical since it's been two years." Huh???

I spend another 5 minutes on the phone where she's "checking with the doctor", "going through the medical records again" etc., and I explain my health insurance situation. After an absurdly long time on the phone I'm finally allowed to plea bargain down to a single office visit for the BP meds.

Since I had an unexpected out of town trip come up, I had to call the next day to reschedule my appointment. The receptionist said she couldn't reschedule my four time slots any time soon. Four time slots? You got it - the gal from the day before scheduled me for the physical anyway even after all the discussion and agreeing not to.

When I finally see the doctor, he's going on and on about how I need a physical. That I'm playing Russian Roulette at my age (51) and that he recommends "an expanded diagnostic" even including MRI's, EEG's and treadmill tests. And this is despite his pronouncing that I had the heart of a 20 year old after the last physical (or I should say the last gauntlet of overpriced and unnecessary tests and procedures).

The doctor and I spend the next 15 minutes energetically tussling over the issue of the physical when I at last escape victorious with my 2 new BP med refills. I walk in the hallway, and it's full of patients with the doctor telling everyone "Sorry, I'm done for the day - this guy wore me out. I'm finished - he won. I can't take it, I need a nap now."

This recession (or whatever it is) seems to be scaring the healthcare profession as silly as they try to scare us. It's amazing to see these high earning and highly educated professionals reduced to frantic used car salemen as they desperately cling to their priveledged lifestyles.

There's just no doubt about it - the American dental and healthcare system is strictly BUYER BEWARE. Just like at a used car lot, you know you've been abused unless everyone in the building curses you as leave. Of course the end result will be millions and millions of elderly people bullied into over medication and unnecessary procedures that result in a miserable quality of life and an expedited meeting with their maker.

And now for the weather.. (sorry, couldn't think of a cheerful way to end

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