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Re: As God Is My Witness... Re: Tree Plant Iodine.
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: As God Is My Witness... Re: Tree Plant Iodine.

Some people may be thinking your a local playing a joke on the unknowing people on this forum as a favor to me! The truth is, your in another country and I have never had the honor of meeting you.

ACTUALLY you have had a 5 gallon bucket of Longevity Spices setting hear waiting for you and hopefully someone traveling back your way someday can carry this for you. I don't think it wise to ship to your country, but believe someone could easily drive it in for personal use.

My very first experiment in natural health was with a natural type iodine that I nearly took all the skin off my legs with and put the fear in me to the point I didn't experiment again for 17 years later and as I have stated before, I have came a full circle back to where I started. I needed those 17 years experince to understand herbs and once back with the Natural Tree type Iodine it is like a new field of experimentation, things don't behave like common herbs and I learn more each time I handle it.

The pure extract I have plenty of. My first trial formula used all rare herbs and am out and maybe enough material to make 1-2 more batches. I have made a second formula that is simplistic and I can duplicate with out allot of trouble, it uses "ALL TREE" and that is my theory dating back to ancient times, in that we humans do best with food/herbs from the tree.

The first formula was an "OCCULT" formula. That word to to scare me, because church folks call bad things CULT and I surely thought books that mentioned the "Occult" surely must be devil books fo some nature. Then I realized Dr. John R. Christopher was very much an Occult Teacher and virtually every good old medical/herb book ever written were authored by occult teachers.

Occult meaning their wisdom/inspiration came from above or spiritual either knowingly or not. I believe the number 108 is a symbol 'used" by occult/spiritual beings as an identification. I really do not know, just guessing.

The first Iodine formula was very much an occult formula in that I had planned mixing just a few herbs and 2 hours later I had mixed 20+ herbs. The current second formula went to plan and uses only a few herbs. A third formula was started 2 years ago before I had even been thinking about Tree Iodine and it is a very complicated mixture of tree herbs and I had been wondering for the past 2 years why I even started collecting such herbs that was starting to take up some shelf space and nothing that seemed saleable, because no such type of herb formula had ever been made before, so as it settles, it will be formula number III and like number I, it will be very limited supply. These occult formulas are for a very few select people and as Pastor Lee Vayle and Pastor William Branham would suggest along with Dr. John R. Christopher; these formulas were made for those select people, in that I was working for these people in the first place and spiritually they had placed their orders years ago. Pastor Lee Vayle 100% believes I am paying him back for favors he did for Dr. John R. Christopher over 35 years ago and that I basically had no choice in that matter, in that he believes Dr. Christopher chose me to teach nd then supply Pastor Vayle long after Dr. Christopher had passed on.

Now naturally all of the above is "Speculative", no one really knows how complicated our lives were before this life or what our present and future will bring us. We all like to dream that we are "special" in some manner.

I do believe God supplies all our needs for free, no matter where we live, God has what we need and as the doctors have discovered over the pas 200 years, one of the greatest missing links is Iodine, ONLY after 10 years of research, the idiots went chemical and took the wrong path and for 190+ years the amazing research was using the wrong Iodine, so in my theory of the Iodine book on my website, "IF" chemical Iodine was GREAT, then we have not seen anything yet, because NATURAL TREE IODINE should be 108X better.


I am trying formulas because Allot needs to be learned. I am still searching for the perfect ONE FORMULA using liquids and I am satisfied with the PLANT FATS THEORY even though I have never made a mention of the formula I like yet. So in perfection there will be TWO supplements, 1 using a combination of herbs that are alcohol/water soluable and 1 formula that are oil soluable.

There is one possibilty of a SINGLE FORMULA, an all OIL FORMULA, because I made 10 gallons of Tree Iodine OIl extract and maybe 5 people have tried a small sample bottle and I haven't even had time to try it with anything. Oil extracts are expensive, very time consuming and messy than messy to deal with and few to no people like their taste or texture in their mouth, but I think in theory, a SINGLE FORMULA is possible and that would force it to be an oil formula. Oil formulas are mild, so they would be for babies and of all ages, which again, points toward such a formula where one fits all.

Out of time, otherwise this post could go on and on until it bored everyone.



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