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Re: As God Is My Witness... Re: Tree Plant Iodine.
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: As God Is My Witness... Re: Tree Plant Iodine.

That is the most popular and the strongest extract of tree iodine/potassium. I personally have never used it, only had time to self-experiment with the formulas. I had given it to dog everyday early on and believed she felt better on it, but haven't given her nay lately.

Soon I plan on making a web page dedicated to the natural Iodine formulas/experiments. Little has ever been written, so this may be years of self-experimenting an listening to what others have to say before I settle down one one perfect formula.

I have no doubt the use is dose related and every human needing to select what works best for them. Do you have suggested doses for the beginner and as well as the advanced person? So far I just tell people to start with 1 dropper daily, but I see no restrictions on any size dose as long as the person does not experience more kill off effects than they want to tolerate. The use of the LBB is almost necassary with all such formulas that boost the Immune System and cause internal waste to be expelled.

With the tincture the 2 sizes will be 2 ounce dropper and 8 ounce refill in glass bottles. With all Iodine formulas it will be 2 ounce dropper with a 16 ounce refill. Anyone using these formulas has to be a follower because I have basically nothing on the website about the formulas and so far the first 10 gallon batch of Formula I is all sold out and I need to set down and make another batch because 1 more bottle was recentally ordered. 10 gallons and not having it on a price list is pretty good, especially when much of it went to the first few people who tried it and wanted more. Actually one man wanted to buy all 10 gallons day I and we had to say no, because I can't easily mass produce larger batches.

There is no doubt a world wide market for a true Iodine and all these sources coming up made from plants/animals from the ocean I believe are all about worthless in theory and usually priced about $10 an ounce from what I have seen and very diluted to begin with as well as used iodine not in a pure state to begin with.

As suggested in the Iodine Book, I don't believe anyone has even written about Tree Iodine enough in the past for science to even have a clue about it.

I believe a company could make a good quality iodine product and sale world wide @ $19.95 for a 2 ounce bottle and litterally sale millions of bottles. That is if the FDA would allow them. It is an extremely safe product of Nature, but if it is discovered that it aids human health, the fda types could easily try to stop a manufacturer or simple threaten or buy them off.

It would appear that the manufacturers are WORKING with all world wide governments to TAKE AWAY Iodine from human foods and create iodine diseases, so large corportations capable of mass production are never a source to seek for health.

I can make all I desire using hand harvested wild crafted material and as it happens, such materials can not be allowed to dry and thus never available to the public like common bagged herbs are.

I also intend on experimenting with the Mulberry Tree this summer, I have thought about this for at least 5 years and since this is 2008, it is time to listen and start experimenting and that will end up as one of the 108 Iodine Formula coming later this summer. The Mulberry tree when uprooted does amazing things as a part of self-survival and I believe the chemicals it produces as a result of its impending death can easily be captured and from the colors I bet it has a high Iodine/Potassium content. It is another Tree God has planted by the winds that supplies a huge amount of human/bird foods. It just so happens the place I chose to live 11 years ago has 3 dominent trees and the 2 known for the most Pottassium Iodine and thirdly the Mulberry Tree. I can walk out the door and take a baseball and hit all three species, they were planted by Nature long before I came around.


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