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A book I hope all will read
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Published: 13 years ago

A book I hope all will read

I'm a more recent member of curezone, and I came here to increase my knowledge of health-related matters and find new solutions to various health issues, which eventually led me to this discussion on chemtrails. While I had heard nothing of chemtrails before having arrived here, I must sadly say it is not a big surprise. There are understandings I have arrived at looking into other things that have led me to at least a small understanding of how a government like ours could be subverted into doing terrible things to its own people and people of the world.

One of the books I'd really like to recommend that provided some key insights is "The Hunt For Zero-Point" by Nick Cook. This is a book about America's secret anti-gravity research that started with Nazi Germany's work. You can order this book from Amazon or even the local library, where I borrowed my copy (after being on the waiting list). I hope each of you will read this sober, extremely well-researched book to further your understanding of what went wrong and how it happened.

What does this have to do with chemtrails? Directly, nothing. Indirectly, maybe everything.

This book talks a fair amount about Operation Paperclip. Many of you probably heard about it. It's basically the American program to bring German scientists to America after the war. Apparently America did an extremely thorough job dismantling Germany's technology and Science industries. Like the Grinch who stole Christmas, we took everything that wasn't nailed down. Everything the Russians didn't get first, which was considerable. The author, who is a journalist for Jane's Defense Weekly, a military technology trade periodical - serious stuff - only writes what he could substantiate with no speculation. This guy isn't a UFO quack, and presents some well-researched information and let's us draw our own conclusions. Apparently America didn't just bring over rocket scientists, which is how history likes to paint it. They brought over guys who worked on the Nazis' most secret stuff, and they were into wild stuff. Not only that, there were some very questionable characters brought over - guys who probably should have been in the Nuremburg war crimes trials but cut special deals. Guys who hated Communists and would help the US fight our next enemy. I believe they constitute the root of some very terrible things done in the last 60 years.

The Nazis were the pioneers of the art of the black program. There were projects being worked on (eg. flying saucers) that were sealed off from the government and defense industry. Stuff Hitler didn't know much about that Himmler directed. The conclusion I arrived at is these guys taught us how to run secretive, isolated black programs that were tightly guarded and not subjected to the kind of scrutiny (and lapses) many other military and government programs are subject to. I believe these programs tainted and poisoned our government, leading it down a very dark path. It's after WWII that you started hearing about things like chemtrails, brainwashing, flying saucers, and heaven knows what else, including very sophisticated propaganda masterminded by the first masters of the art.

I believe the most masterful propaganda stroke was Roswell. In Roswell, at the time when our flying saucer program started to pick up where Germany left off, they had to have an explanation of what people were seeing in the skies, and they pulled off a doozy. Roswell got people to ask a question: "Are there little green men from other planets visiting us or not?"

That's the wrong question. The right question is "How extensive is our flying saucer program and what are they doing with it?"

Roswell was staged to look like a cover-up. Flying saucers is a black military program built upon the Nazi's work. One of many programs I'm sure, that they will do anything to protect. My concern and deep sadness is that the evil that was the Nazis was transplanted and took root within our country. The Nazis had no qualms enslaving people and experimenting on them in horrible ways. This is the same phenomena we see with chemtrails and bio warfare. Let the people of Africa die - to the elites they are chaff, just like the Slavs and Jews were to the Nazis. The evil continues today, and they are inside our very borders.

The thing I'm trying to understand is where this is all going. What's the plan? How will it end? Whatever it is, it will lead to nothing good.

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